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VBL Cuben Fiber Quilt

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VBL Cuben Fiber Quilt

Postby Hetchy » Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:46 pm

Check these babies out!

I have been drooling over these ultralight quilts for some time. The Epiphany Cuben fiber quilt with 2" down loft (approx 20-25 degrees) weighs 12 ounces.
Cuben fiber is water proof. the only way air gets in and out of the quilt is through the stiches or an optional "breatheability stripe" of momentum 50 or 20 d nylon.
Check out the Epiphany XP models. Cuben Fiber Shell without any stiching. Combat (Climashield XP) synthetic insulation. This model has to have the breatheablilty strip just to be able to compress it!
Tim can make them in any size, configuration, or loft you want. You literally order them to your body size measurements. Custom built ultralight state of the art quilts for 400 bucks. The Enlightened equiptment site has an excel weight calculator where you can "build" your own custom quilt and see the weights of everything. I'm drooling again. :p
Why do i drool? Because by substituting one of these 12 ounce quilts and adding a 3 ounce down beanie for my 26 ounce sleeping bag i could bring my total base weight for the 2,175 mile AT well below 8 lbs... How about 7.2lbs! Muahahahaha :D
Since I already have my well travelled Western Mountaineering 20 degree The Cuben Fiber Epiphany would be a great replacement.
I am really thinking one those XP synthetic quilts in 3.7 ounce Combat (approx 35 degree) would be sweet for the warmer humid half of the AT.. Damascus northwards.
Other ultralight quilt makers are: JackRBetter, Nunatak, Mountain Laurel Designs
Looks so good! 20 degree VBL 12 ounce down quilt with Breatheablilty stripe.
Here is the Cuben fiber version with combat synthetic Fill (Climashield XP)
It is only 13 ounces when I compute my size. Notice the lack of external stitching. This is due to the monolithic nature of the long fiber synthetic fill.. it requires no through quilting. Essentially the bottom half of this quilt could be sitting in the rain while you slept dry inside it. of course if you have ever heard the sound rain makes on a Cuben tarp.. The beauty of this design is that provided you can deal with the VBL (Vapor Barrier layer) effect, the fill is totally protected from either insesible perspiration or external condensation. Of course what one of my friends pointed out might be true.. if you are gonna use Climashield XP why bother with the uber-expensive cuben VBL shell? Perhaps the Cuben/down combination makes more sense in that regard.
Anyhow I thought y'all would like this whacko ultralight stuff. This is what the hairy young ounce counters are up to these days. :rock:
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