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"Free" Tyvek Stuff Sacks

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"Free" Tyvek Stuff Sacks

Postby Hetchy » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:10 am

Hello Y'all!
I want to share a really cool and esentially free idea for stuff sacks.
My buddy Pi used a tyvek postal envelope for a "hiker wallet" last year.
Besides the tyvek ground sheets I even saw some folks use a larger piece of tyvek as both gound sheet and shelter.. kinda like a Tyvek Taco!
I never would take it that far myself but another use for the stuff struck me as hella cool.
Late in the hike I recieved a piece of clothing shipped general delivery and it was in a large Tyvek Postal envelope. After wrestling with this tough envelope I realized it was every bit as strong and much lighter than my nylon stuff sack. So the nylon sack went into the hiker box and the Tyvek baby became my new clothing stuff sack!
No drawstring but I found by simply folding the top over and shoving it upside down into the pack it becomes a water tight container. The dang thing stayed dry inside even after days of Washington rain.
The beauty is it was free!
Anyhow, If you get one of the envelopes in the mail perhaps consider the ultimate act of recycling.. Turn it into ultra light gear!
P.S. I have procured a couple of the smaller envelopes and laundered them prodigeously. They just might become oversocks or over mitts for my upcoming hike through the monsoon season in Colorado. I'll let you know how the hold up!
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Re: "Free" Tyvek Stuff Sacks

Postby freestone » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:31 pm

Great idea Hetchy, thanks for sharing. I will do less cursing and more finesse when I open my next Tyvek envelope. Lately I haven't been using stuff sacks except for the toiletries. I have discovered that I can get more room in my pack by stuffing the sleeping bag, tent, and clothes directly into the pack.
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