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BV450 vs BV500

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BV450 vs BV500

Postby rayfound » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:00 am

I'm considering adding a BearVault to my repertoire, and I am struggling between the BV500 and the BV450. You see, I generally take shorter trips, so I think the 450 would be fine. However, if I am traveling with others who do not have cans, it would be nice to be able to offer them space in my bear can so they don't have to rent one (or opt not to use one). I also figure, that for shorter tips, I could always store other stuff in the BV500, besides my food.

However. The BV500 is HUGE!in my relatively small pack (REI Cruise UL60L), its a monstrosity. Its also 1/2LB Heavier than the 450.

I'm also torn, as since I recently picked up a Down Sleeping bag - I saved 2 lbs and a ton of pack volume... adding a bearvault will essentially be giving back all of the savings of my sleeping bag! And truthfully, I've yet to travel somewhere bear-cans are a requirement. (Though, if I am being honest... when I've traveled above the treeline without one - and no trees for hanging, I have not been legal.)


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Re: BV450 vs BV500

Postby Shawn » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:31 am

I too had the same issue.

The BV500 sat and sat and sat. I bought a BV450 and used it. The BV500 sat some more until I decided to give it away so someone could use it (well, I tried to give it away but the recipient was so generous he paid me for it anyway).

The 450 is just the right size for my brief trips. I have yet to hike with someone that hasn't either rented one on their own, bought one, or already has a bear can.
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Re: BV450 vs BV500

Postby trav867 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:17 pm

Well, aren't we all the same? I have both the 450 and 500, as well as an REI Cruise 60. I almost always use the 450. The only time I use the larger one is on trips of more than a few days with my girlfriend. Solo, you can probably fit enough freeze dried meals and clif bars in the 450 to get by for a week. With all my gear in the pack, there's usually just enough room for the 500. Be aware of where you pack which ever one you choose- I've found that packed high is more comfortable on trails, while packed lower is more stable for rock hopping and such.

If I had to choose only one, I'd get the 450.

P.S. I haven't used my Cruise 60 in almost a year because I got a GoLite Jam. When carrying a closed cell sleeping pad and the either bear vault, the pack is sufficiently rigid. It weighs 17oz and is honestly just as comfortable to me as the Cruise.
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Re: BV450 vs BV500

Postby maverick » Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:08 pm

How about both?
Use the 450 for short trips, 500 for week long, and both for extended trips.
I have carried 2 Garcia's for 15-18 day trips back in the 90's.
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