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Expensive Shades or Cheap Sunglasses?

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Expensive Shades or Cheap Sunglasses

Expensive Sunglasses >$40
Mid range $40-30
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Cheap Sunglasses <$30
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Expensive Shades or Cheap Sunglasses?

Postby Hetchy » Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:49 pm

ZZ Top aside.. What do most people "run" up in the Sierra. I have personally used both the high and lower end of the sunglasses market but because; I am a fool, and always manage to scratch the cheapies 1 hour after purchasing them or carelessly leave the expensive ones on a rock next to the trail (3 times now.. yep, some people were REALLY lucky!) therefore I am in a constant search for new shades. But those are my problems.(Just a few of Many!) :D
What do you all run for Eyewear up in the backcountry on snow or granite?
Are the more expensive glass lenses worth it? In other words..
What they are cracked up to be..(sorry I had to)
Do you just wear the same old pair you use off the trail as well?
How about "glacier" glasses?
With the advent of "sport" wraparounds are there still leather side-protector adherants out there? Anybody just refuse to wear eyeprotection?
Inquiring minds want to know.(Sorry again!)

By the way, In a sans-sunglasses emergency, it IS possible to wear a piece of duct tape with slits in it for protection from UV when travelling over a sunny-snow covered landscape. But it was uncomfortable and must surely have looked pretty dorky!(Lucky for me I AM a total dork)
I tried many ways to wear it then finally just stuck it to my face. But I nearly had to peel my eyelashes and eyebrows off later! Cheers Y'all, Hetchy :D
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Re: Expensive Shades or Cheap Sunglasses?

Postby rlown » Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:58 pm

Heck, you're this far down the road. go with the stylish duct tape. :cool:

I wear glasses by prescription, so i have "shades" that clip on my glasses. those have been enough in severe snow conditions. Generally, i don't like sunglasses, as they dim my view of the world, regardless of how tired my eyes might be after the fact.

I'll add that you should make sure any sunglasses you buy offer UV protection.
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Re: Expensive Shades or Cheap Sunglasses?

Postby ERIC » Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:29 pm

I use cheap-o-sunnies for my adventures, and save my quality shades for day to day wear on the home front. DEET, and anything containing it, kills the plastics. So I don't take the chance with expensive, quality eye wear. I'm pretty hard on just about any accessory I own, so there you have it.

FOOTNOTE: In a pinch, I've actually used a PowerBar wrapper. No joke, it works. Be warned that it's a rather dark filter, and you need to have something to hold it on your face (I used it behind my prescription glasses), but you'd be surprised how well it actually works when faced with a dire predicament.
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Re: Expensive Shades or Cheap Sunglasses?

Postby fishmonger » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:39 am

I wear prescription glasses and had some dark shades made last year. In past years I messed with contacts in the mountains, which worked fine and allowed me to wear darker (category 4) shades, but in general I really hate contacts, even the extended wear throw-aways I now have laying around. Also, unless you're exposed to extended snow cover, normal shades are dark enough.
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