OutdoorRandy's Intriguing Stevenson/Warmlite Catalog

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OutdoorRandy's Intriguing Stevenson/Warmlite Catalog

Post by Harlen » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:23 pm

OutdoorRandy wrote:
I always had a pretty good down bag. I think I only did 1 trip using a tube tent. I initially used my dad’s Stevenson Warmlite tent. It was ahead of its time as I recall. Back in the 70’s Stevenson made the tents about a mile from were I grew up in Woodland Hills, CA. The Stevenson catalogs back then were modeled in the nude. As a giggling high schooler I remember going over to the house where they were made. As I recall they’d test the tents in the back yard with the sprinklers. The yard also had goats. The inside of the house was full of sailing trophy’s. Very entertaining for a 17 year old.

Harlen commented:
Hey "ORandy"

I had to do a quick check on those catalogs full of naked hikers, and I had no luck at all.
As you can see, the nearest thing to a nude is the half-naked, shaved head of a guy with a ponytail. All the other models are well dressed in raingear :angry:
OR writes back:
Perhaps my high school memory has embellished the story a bit but ... https://www.outinunder.com/sites/defaul ... 201974.pdf
Harlen commented again:
I am really glad you posted this catalog Randy. Another HST member also sent it to me as a PM, wondering whether it would be appropriate for general consumption, and after reading and looking through it I was gratified to find that it was done in such good taste. And if you take the time to read to page 4, and check out the section titled "no sweat shirt," you will find a very interesting, and perhaps useful discussion of "the breathability myth," and some thoughts on vapor barriers. What an interesting and fine company- just as OutdoorRandy seemed to imply. I reckon you were very lucky to run into such interesting folks at a young age Randy. I sure hope no one is offended, and instead, see this as a window into a more open and free-spirited time. Someone is sure to suggest that this topic be moved over to the Campfire area to be further discussed; I'll try to do that now.

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