canister stoves: better efficiency with lower flame?

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Re: canister stoves: better efficiency with lower flame?

Post by Ashery » Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:12 am

Even if we were to assume that Ensure is ideally designed for older folks, it's without question that it'd be for older folks under typical circumstances. And the conditions one experiences while backpacking are far from a typical person's.

Considering my long term GI issues, I've gotten a lot of exposure to Ensure due to the fact that it is often recommended as a meal replacement when folks who are flaring have difficulty eating anything. It's not perfect by any means, but it covers a lot of bases that are often lacking in the heavily restricted diets one's forced to adopt during a flare.

While it's used more as a supplement than a replacement backpacking, it very much serves the same purpose: It helps to cover some nutritional bases that otherwise might be neglected while on a backpacking diet. NIDO would be the same, and while I have little direct experience with either, I'm guessing NIDO has a higher fat content. And I mean that in a non-judgemental way: If one's backpacking diet is low in fat content, adding the NIDO would be better on that front than Ensure.

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