Patagonia Worn Wear

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Patagonia Worn Wear

Post by jdille » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:59 pm

I know Patagonia has been selling and recycling their worn clothing for awhile-- but I noticed that they started selling used clothing and gear on their website ( a few weeks ago. I'm trying to be better about repairing clothing (especially my favorite backpacking clothing) when I can. I've also been known to hit the REI Garage Sale to try to find a good deal on someone else's returned gear. So maybe I'm a sucker for a deal on quality used clothing and ok with imperfection, but I do really like the idea of reselling returned/used merchandise.

I got a little excited and bought a fleece layer and another quilted jacket from the website last week. They were roughly half of what I would've paid new. They arrived in what I would call like-new condition--clean and no visible imperfections.

The site is mostly clothes vs gear and I'm sure you have better luck with some sizes than others. But I thinks it's a good idea and I thought I would throw it out there. Has anyone else had an experience with Worn Wear yet?

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