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Help me reduce pack weight

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Re: Help me reduce pack weight

Postby maverick » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:02 pm

I like the "need" and "want" piles. And the sharing if with someone else. And, you might be crazy. :) Sleeping on the ground isn't fun.

Here is a novel concept that works for me, training/working out hard during the off-season (weights and cardio), then there is no need for any "need" and "want" piles, your pack becomes ultra-light no matter what the weigh, you'll be able to backpack at a very high level into your elder years, and also injury proofing you body. :)
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Re: Help me reduce pack weight

Postby sambieni » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:25 pm

Hey, we asked about pack weight not gut weight!
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Re: Help me reduce pack weight

Postby Wandering Daisy » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:20 pm

I am just testing it out right now. Still take chlorine tabs and treat 1 liter as soon as I get to camp and this is used for night drinks and trail water the next day. I do not treat cook water. The Sawyer Squeeze works well but is a bit slow. I take the back flush syringe if I am out for more than a weekend. I generally back-flush every day. The whole thing weighs 3 oz. I have experimented with using my Platypus and leaving behind the Sawyer 1-L bag, but decided that the small weight of the bag is worth taking so that I do not stress my Platypus too much. It is also easier to squeeze a 1-L bag than a 2-L Platypus. So far I like it. I also have no problem with nothing but chlorine tabs. I am not a big water drinker during the day when hiking. I usually tank up when I get to camp. The only real pain with the Sawyer Squeeze is that you really need to back flush it with about a quart of water with about a tbs chlorine bleach when you get home, and be sure to fully dry it before packing it away. Chlorine tabs are definitely a no-fuss method but does require pre-planning. Honestly, if I have to drink some untreated water, it is no big deal. All you are doing with treatment is reducing an already small risk.
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Re: Help me reduce pack weight

Postby sheperd80 » Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:47 pm

sambieni wrote:
Wandering Daisy wrote:I bought my Sawyer Squeeze at Walmart, for about $25. There is a smaller and lighter "Squeeze" made, but the Walmart near me only carries the larger size.

I went lighter (am still looking at new gear to be even lighter) one small step at a time. I moved here from backpacking in the northern Rockies and I was way over-geared at first. Minimizing clothing is still psychologically difficult for me; being able to survive sub-zero temperatures was so ingrained in me! On the other hand, I am really OK with minimizing food and water, probably because I have been trained in 4-day, 50 mile survival treks with no food at all. I place value on "psychological" aspects of reducing weight and each person has his own security blanket that is really hard to let go of. In time, with more experience in the Sierra, you will become more comfortable with deleting items. Even if you can afford to "cold turkey" to all new UL gear, I would not do that.

Thank you for the advice. I am definitely not going UL and no plans to until I get a few years of trips under my belt. Mostly looking at being a light weight traditionalist taking only what I feel I need and nothing more - ie no second clothing options - just 1 layer of each type, etc, etc. I will say this - I started looking at my gear with about 25 - 27 pound base-weight and now have it around 18 - 19 pounds before food/bear can/water. Next summer will be the year to upgrade my pack and sleeping back to drop another 1-3 pounds. If I can get near 15 pounds baseweight can shift to trail runners/shoes and will feel really good.

But really just asking about how you actually like the product itself and how it works? I am considering the Squeeze instead of using a new Katadyn pump. I hear mixed things - even from UL hikers.

Ive been using the Sawyer Squeeze for awhile now and i like it. The complaints ive seen are about the Sawyer Mini and i agree. Its only an ounce lighter than the Squeeze and much slower, prone to clogging etc. I love how small it is but just doesnt perform.

But the Squeeze is great. Theres a million ways to integrate it into your system.

For me, i carry a plastic water bottle (sometimes 2) for drinking, and a soft bottle for filtering (sometimes 2 if i think ill need extra capacity). I stop regularly if possible and fill up the soft bottle, drink from it (through filter) then fill again.

If my hard bottle needs topping off i do so but most times i just throw the soft bottle in the pack for later. This is especially nice if u use a bladder and arent sure how much u have, dont want to open ur pack that minute, dont want to skip a source.

At camp i use that same soft bottle (or sometimes bring a larger one) for gravity filtering. No fancy rigs just a sawyer or platypus soft bottle with some paracord attached, hanging above my bottle, pot, etc filtering itself while i do camp stuff.

Of course this is just my style. For the price and weight its definitely worth trying one out and see how it integrates itself into your system...

In-line on your bladder hose, used as lifestraw, drink straight from dirty bottle all the time, gravity setup, squeeze dirty bottle to clean bottle or bladder etc etc.

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