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seasonal replacement of gear

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seasonal replacement of gear

Postby markskor » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:49 pm

Christmas in September
The FEDEX truck just departed - 3 packages received.
Backpacking gear - even the best of gear - has a limited shelf life. Even well-taken care of gear breaks eventually, wears out, or additional needs are discovered. This season, even though somewhat shortened due to Sierra fires, (only got in 77 dirt-bag nights - sigh), still somehow managed to destroy a few necessary items.

My Rainbow TT gave up the ghost, a new Shimano Symetre spinning reel was purchased and now needed an extra spool, and some Douche had stepped on the bottom of my Ergo Corks coming up Snow Creek trail - bending the bottom of one pole section.

Fedex brought all 3 today! A new Rainbow, a new spare Symetre spool, and a replacement bottom hiking-pole section...(doing the happy dance!)
Who else recently broke and replaced something gear?
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Re: seasonal replacement of gear

Postby Wandering Daisy » Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:29 pm

Certain items seem to need to be replaced annually:
super-feet insoles
2-L platypus
fishing flies and leader ( I catch more trees than fish)
rain jacket (will anyone ever make a rain jacket that is light and lasts??)

My Golite Quest pack died this summer. I have yet to replace it- am limping along on two other packs- one too small and the other too large for a week's trip

Gaiters are hanging in there by a thread. I am considering to tear out the seams and use them as a pattern and sew new ones myself.

Two pair of pants got holes in the behind. I patched them and continue to use them. ( I am big on repairing vs buying new stuff)

Tarptent Moment is really showing wear- floor now leaks. I re-sealed seams and still have a few small leaks. I have sewn in zipper replacements twice.

Stuff sacks in very sad shape - again looking seriously about sewing my own this winter.

What keeps chugging along forever?
Snow Peak titanium stove
WM sleeping bag
Titanium pots
Bear cans- Bearikade, Bear Vault, and Ursack
trekking poles
fishing pole (45 years old!)

New tent and pack are my priorities for this winter's sales.

Not really a replacement, because there was nothing wrong with my gray titanium spork, but I bought a bright purple one and love it because I can always find it!

Also looking at a more plush sleeping pad -nothing wrong with the old one but my old bones are getting more sensitive.
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