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Mid-height, >not< waterproof boots/shoes?

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Mid-height, >not< waterproof boots/shoes?

Postby ToothlessMountaineer » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:09 pm

I'm more than a little dissapointed in either my Google-fu or shoe manufacturers. The only major companies I've found who make non-waterproof and mid height, fairly lightweight boots or hiking shoes are Merrel and Keen. I tend to do lots of cross country and travel on rough trails, plus a few peaks a summer, and I haven't found anything that'll last more than 200 miles. Merrels have all worn out for mearound the 6th toe and develop holes in the material around the heel pocket. I'm trying a pair of Keen Gypsums now, and the edge of one of the outer lugs has already had its gluing fail and wasn't repairable with Aquaseal. We'll see how much of a difference that makes for me on Humphreys this weekend.

If they would only fit me on longer trips, I tried some La Sportiva Hyper Mid GTXs last summer and loved them until they aggravated my ankles enough to bail after 2 consecutive days of backpacking. If La Sportiva made them just a bit wider I'd be in heaven (Merrels and Keens fit me perfectly), but at least their Gore-Tex application still breathed a little bit. It seems like practically every single hiking shoe must be waterproof if it's a mid height, but I absolutely don't want that for non-winter Sierra trips that make up 95% of my mileage. Any recommendations, or will I just have to live with knowing that I go through a pair of shoes every JMT-equivalent?

If only Montrail still made shoes like before they got bought out. I put 500 miles and a summer of forestry in my '07 Hardrocks, and if I hadn't worn out the rubber and rock plate once that was exposed I'd happily still be hiking in them.

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Re: Mid-height, >not< waterproof boots/shoes?

Postby oldranger » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:55 pm

If kerns and Merrills fit you you might try lowas. Also to armor your boots a little you might pre treat new boots by applying a layer of shoe goo to the areas that typically wear out.


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Re: Mid-height, >not< waterproof boots/shoes?

Postby maverick » Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:11 pm

I loved the Hardrock's, unfortunately they changed them after 3 year, and the fit was not the same, they did the same with the Vitesse. :( Do not expect any of these shoes to last more then one or two cross country trips, have to change mine constantly, my current kicks are La Sportiva Ultra Raptores, cannot wear mid's or high tops boots, have not for decades.
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