Companies that Back their products!

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Re: Companies that Back their products!

Post by robow8 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:28 am

I've got two.
I've got a three year old Sierra Designs tent that the shock cord on the poles had lost it's shock. (And I keep the poles as extended as practical to relieve stress off of the shock cord) I used the online warranty form to create a ticket earlier in the year, but didn't send them in, as a friend was going to use the tent. Got the tent back a few weeks ago and sent the poles off. Got notification on a Monday that they had received the poles, and that there was a 4 to 6 week turnaround estimate, this being the busy season and all. Got another notification the following Monday that the job was done and that the poles would be shipped shortly. Got them back yesterday, with fresh shock cord installed!

Second one is ULA packs. My Wife and I both have ULA packs, having moved on from Deuter packs that never fit quite right. My son was using my old Deuter, but found it very uncomfortable. (I think he's a little bit of a wimp!) He decided that he wanted a ULA pack, and wanted to try some on. Well, we were going to be in Logan, Utah in the middle of July, so I sent them an email to see if we could swing by and try on some packs. Chris, the owner, said sure and gave me a contact number. So I called Rodney and set up an appointment. We get up there, and this place is pretty small. But it's full of finished packs, and materials, and half a dozen women at sewing machines. I was like a kid in a candy store! So my son tried on some packs, and decided on what he wanted, only to find out that that certain fabric is only made to order. We were a little bummed, when Rodney said, "we can sew you one up in a couple of hours." I asked when we would need to pick it up by, and he said that they close at 5, so before then. I asked him if 2pm would work and he said yes. So we went and got lunch and goofed around for a bit, and went back at 2 and his pack and an accessory shoulder strap pocket were all done. Awesome service!

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