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FOUND on Slab Lakes Trail: Clothing Stuff Sack

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FOUND on Slab Lakes Trail: Clothing Stuff Sack

Postby EpicSteve » Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:51 pm

On 10/26/14, about a mile due south of Slab Lakes (in Ansel Adams Wilderness, just south of Triple Divide Peak [the one in Yosemite, not the peak in SEKI]), I found a black stuff sack full of outdoor clothes that were still dry. It was obviously not a gear cache. If there had been any chance of that, I would've left it there.

It was not located in a particularly strategic position (confluence of streams, recognizable snag, etc.) and no effort had been made to conceal it. It was sitting in the open on a patch of grass and dried mud. I had to wipe a few cobwebs off the stuff sack and the logo on one of the straps was faded and the strap was a bit stiff from the nylon aging a bit. But other than that, the sack and the clothes were in excellent condition. For those reasons, I believe that it became accidentally detached from it's owner's backpack and was inadvertently left behind.

Describe the stuff sack and the clothing and it's yours! (I would need you to pay shipping, as I'm totally broke right now.) This was some nice stuff from companies whose gear I use already, so it won't break my heart to keep it, but I'd prefer that it find its way back to its rightful owner, so here's hoping...

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