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Day Packs for Tall People

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Day Packs for Tall People

Postby sheperd80 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:34 pm

Hey folks. Looking for advice on a daypack that i can wear properly. Everything Ive tried is too small. With only 10 lbs or so in a daypack i realize perfect fit is not crucial but ive been running a cheapy Big 5 daypack for awhile now and its fine, but Im ready to step into something better. But im not gonna spend 100-200 bucks on something that doesnt fit right.

Im 6'1" but my torso measures 21" (measured at REI repeatedly and at home).

REI, Osprey, etc typically size their packs as S/M or M/L and Deuter is universal. None of these brands ride properly. Gregory makes a large 30L that comes close to fitting.

Im looking for something with a full hip-belt, load lifters, some compression straps, etc. Basically a full functioning backpack in a 30L or less capacity.

I loved the Osprey Manta but with it lowered onto my hips, the load lifters were layed all the way down, not even close to doing their job, just like my current pack.

Any tall guys or gals out there with a pack like Ive described?


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