Sleeping Bag vs. Sleeping Clothes ?

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Re: Sleeping Bag vs. Sleeping Clothes ?

Post by dapperdave » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:24 am

I can second the recommendation of Enlightened Equipment, their quilts can strap to your pad, which avoids getting "wrapped up" if you move around at night.

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Re: Sleeping Bag vs. Sleeping Clothes ?

Post by Yakov38M » Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:17 am

I'm a huge supporter of the sleeping bag option, it means carrying extra stuff but it beats having to change your clothes in the evening and in the morning; plus, you can take off your shoes, which is a significant plus.
On top of that, you can carry it attached under your rucksack, at the level of your butt, wrapped in its cloth sack, and use it as a portable cushion when you're sitting.

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Re: Sleeping Bag vs. Sleeping Clothes ?

Post by Wandering Daisy » Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:32 pm

Sorry, but I am confused by your reply, Yakov- not sure what you meant. The original two options being discussed are 1) regular sleeping bag, or 2) elephant-foot/down jacket. Somewhere along the post, the "quilt" option was presented. Another option discussed was to use a lighter sleeping bag an supplement with wearing your hiking clothes. In no case, do you have to wear shoes. And, any method discussed, changing clothes is an option-I like to keep hiking clothes out of my sleeping bag for cleanliness; others like the simplicity keeping hiking clothing on. If you use an elephant-foot/jacket option, you just put on the big parka- nothing to take off.

If you sleep in your hiking clothes, should/could you take a less warm sleeping bag to save weight or have more flexibility? I have always been a bit worried about only being able to survive the coldest scenario wearing all my clothes and then have some of them, or all, get wet. Not much of an issue in mid-summer Sierra, but a big issue in some other mountain ranges or late fall or early spring in the Sierra. I always want my sleeping bag INSIDE my pack. It is protected from weather, falling in a stream, or falling off my pack!! :eek: Seriously I know someone who packed her tent on the outside of her pack, and it fell off.

To me the sleeping system you choose has more to do with your hiking style than saving weight. I know some who never get up until sun hits, so could care less about a big puffy jacket in the morning. They simply adjust their hiking times to avoid cold mornings. Some people really want to hang out late into the night and chat, so they may prefer to have a big down jacket, with their sleeping bag OR with an elephants foot. And I know those who just do not like to have their arms constrained in a sleeping bag so choose an elephant's foot (half bag).

In the old days, when tents weighed more, I used to use a bivy sack. In this system, you just lean up against a rock, stay inside your bag and bivy, while cooking meals. I really like it. The down side is that being zipped in a bivy for an entire day (for a storm) is like being in a coffin. Very unpleasant and boring.

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