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Lugging that heavy car key

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Re: Lugging that heavy car key

Postby longri » Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:17 am

I didn't know you could leave your car at the Escalon car wash. Do you just park it behind the wash stations and it's all good?

A thief will know to look for one of those little magnetic boxes or in the usual places like under the bumper. I may be a little paranoid. But consider this: Once, a couple of friends finished a ski tour at a different trailhead than planned. It was a bit of a drive to where their car was, maybe 20-30 miles. They could have hitchhiked eventually but nobody was around at the time. So they fished around under the other cars parked at the trailhead until they found a hidden key, drove that stranger's car to the other trailhead where their car was parked, and then drove it back. They replaced the key and left no note.

My hidden key is in a weird place and requires a tool to access. Once I accidently locked myself out of my car in a blowing rainstorm while opening a gate on a narrow dirt road. The engine was running and I had no raincoat on. Fortunately there was someone camped a couple hundred yards away. I ran. They had a swiss army knife. I ran back and by this time there was another car of impatient looking people trapped behind my vehicle looking at me like, WTF? I extracted my hidden key and all was well.

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