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50 for 50... and dim sum

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50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby Ranboze » Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:06 pm

After turning 49 last September (2008), I began wondering about how to celebrate my 50th birthday. Big party?... Nah... Im not really the party type, and just can not see spending all that money on a couple hour event. Trip to somewhere exciting? Probably not, seems to lack meaning. I was in search of something longer lasting and more meaningful.

Since returning to the sierra a few years ago and spending a lot more time hiking, I get in about 30 peaks a year, so I started thinking about a peak quest... 50 peaks from Sept 2008 to Sept 2009, with #50 being Mt. Whitney via the MR on my birthday. For some, 50 is less than half of what they do in a year; for others, it's more than what they would do in 5 years, for me, it seemed like a decent goal that would be long-lasting (a year long celebration :D ) and meaningful. I hesitated committing to the idea for several months, not wanting to become slave to the goal and ignorant of the pure joy of being in the mountains. The only rule I had for a peak to be included was that it had to be either named or numbered on a map and/or have a register. Four months into my 49th year and without aiming for the goal, I was already at 20 peaks... and summer was still to come :thumbsup: . By early spring, it seemed that 50 peaks by September 4 was attainable, and better yet - attainable without loosing sight of enjoying the journey \:D/ .

Pneumonia and an unplanned trip to Vietnam cost me a lot of opportunities, resulting in some temporary anxiety by late spring. Then the peaks just seemed to keep coming. By mid-July and eight weeks ahead of schedule I found myself at #48. "Hmmm, what to do?". I could toss out some peaks because they weren't high enough, or far enough. Or, I could just not climb more peaks until September. Neither of those options seemed realistic, so after claiming Wanoga as #49, I skiddaddled down to the Interagency Center, pulled #2 in the MW lottery, and called Sierragator to let him know we were "on" for #50.

The next question was... what would I call this peak quest now that I, for sure, would be getting more than 50 peaks? I didn't want to can my original title, just add to it and I needed something that would both account for the extra peaks and lend itself to a fun finale photo. Hence... the "dim sum", as a play on words for "then some", and you got it, you know what I carried with me on my last peak...

So, my peak quest came to an end Sept 4th. Although I still wanted to do a Whitney hike and perhaps be on the summit at sunrise (there was also a fullmoon on my BD) the permit gods were not in my favor. So, I opted for one of my favorite landscapes near Mammoth... San Jaoquin Ridge. I drove up to the ridge in the late afternoon of 09/03, parked where I had unobscured views of the Ritter Range and the White Mountains, and waited for sunset and moonrise. It was a perfect prelude to the finale. I watched the sun set between Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak, and watched the full moon dance across the sky. I awoke on my BD to watch the moon set aside the Minarets and sun rise over the Whites. Then I set off for the easy stroll to San Jaoquin Mountain, accompanied by one of the grandest skylines the Sierra has to offer. The morning offered me 3 peaks, bringing my total to 68.

Finale photos

It was a fantastic journey, and now I can stop counting numbers and just climb the mountains to get their good tidings.

I must thank all my summit buddies for their support, encouragement, and companionship. Without them, there would have been far less meaning and meaningful peaks. SnowNymph - you encouraged me early on and kept telling me I could do it!; TrailTrekker - summit buddy x 28!!!, yahhoo!; DaveG - thanx for getting me up AND down Muir; SierraGator - thanx for #50 on the MR, truly awesome. Of note, is that I met most all my summit buddies, one way or another, through this forum, so, for all the admins I am so grateful for this site and the gifts of friendship it has provided. I had another very special summit buddy - My dad loved the Sierras and introduced me to them when I was a young thing. Let's just say he's returned to the land that he loved.

So, here's the list!
1 09/06/2008 Towne Peak 7,287
2 09/20/2008 Muah Mountain 11,016
3 10/21/2008 Black Mountain East (Whites) 9,021
4 10/21/2008 Black Mountain (Whites) 9,083
5 10/25/2009 Pyramid Peak 6,703
6 11/28/2008 Ibex Peak 4,718
7 01/01/2009 Black Mtn (Santa Rosas) 3,941
8 01/03/2009 Little Corkscrew 5,804
9 01/03/2009 Corkscrew 4,414
10 01/10/2009 Black Mtn (Black Mtns) 3,941
11 01/11/2009 Opal Mtn 3,950
12 01/18/2009 Malpais Mesa 7,731
13 01/19/2009 Eagle Point 5,161
14 01/19/2009 Red Mtn 5,188
15 01/19/2009 Crater Mtn 6,040
16 01/20/2009 Lookout Mtn (snowshoe) 8,352
17 01/21/2009 Panum Crater 7,032
18 01/24/2009 Haiwee Ridge 5,952
19 01/24/2009 Scattered Bones 5,737
20 02/14/2009 Red Mountain (E Mojave) 5,251
21 02/14/2009 Fremont Peak 4,584
22 02/21/2009 Chukkar Peak 6,628
23 02/21/2009 Deer Peak 7,004
24 03/28/2009 East Ord 6,168
25 03/29/2009 Ord Mountain 6,309
26 04/04/2009 Pinyon Mountain 4,492
27 04/04/2009 Borrego Mountain - West Butte 4,492
28 04/29/2009 Morris Peak 7,215
29 04/29/2009 Mt. Jenkins 7,921
30 05/10/2009 Mt. San Antonio (Baldy) 10,064
31 05/10/2009 West Baldy 9,988
32 05/22/2009 Turtlehead Peak 6,323
33 05/23/2009 Griffith Peak 11,072
34 05/23/2009 Charleston Peak 11,915
35 05/24/2009 Fletcher Peak 10,319
36 05/30/2009 Sawtooth Peak 7,970
37 06/05/2009 Lamont Peak 7,429
38 06/05/2009 East Lamont Peak 7,475
39 06/20/2009 Trail Peak 11,605
40 06/21/2009 Mt. Muir 14,015
41 06/27/2009 Mt. Lewis 8,396
42 06/27/2009 Throop Peak 9,138
43 06/27/2009 Mt. Hawkins 8,850
44 06/27/2009 Mt. Baden-Powell 9,399
45 07/03/2009 The Fin 12,740
46 07/04/2009 Trailmaster 12,327
47 07/04/2009 Peak 12,525
48 07/04/2009 Cirque Peak 12,900
49 07/11/2009 Wanoga Peak 10,371
50 07/12/2009 Mt. Whitney (MR) 14,497
51 07/15/2009 Sentinel Dome 8,122
52 07/16/2009 Mt. Hoffman 10,820
53 07/17/2009 Mammoth Peak 12,006
54 07/18/2009 Peak 11,887
55 07/18/2009 Peak 12,002
56 07/18/2009 Gaylor Peak 11,004
57 08/01/2009 Sheep Mountain 12,564
58 08/01/2009 White Mountain Peak 14,256
59 08/02/2009 Piute Mountain 12,564
60 08/02/2009 Mount Barcroft 13,040
61 08/07/2009 Mt. Julius Caesar 13,200
62 08/30/2009 Lembert Dome 9,450
63 08/31/2009 North Dome 7,542
64 09/01/2009 Cloud's Rest 9,926
65 09/02/2009 Tuolumne Peak 10,895
66 09/04/2009 Peak 3,321 10,896
67 09/04/2009 Two Teats 11,387
68 09/04/2009 San Joaquin Mountain 11,600
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby Rosabella » Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:35 pm

Well, first I want to wish you a happy birthday, Robin!! It sounds like it must have been....what a GREAT birthday year!

My birhtday's coming up next month, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to cram 58 peaks in that time frame :lol: . I'm still hoping to make it down for the Whitney Portal Board hike. It will be in my birthday week but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to be able to get any more time off.

Way to celebrate your birthday Robin!!! \:D/

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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby ridgeline » Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:15 am

An awesome list for the year you had there ! Happy Birthday Robin
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby Ranboze » Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:04 pm

Rosie... hope to see you at the WPSMB hike!
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby giantbrookie » Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:39 am

Happy Birthday and a fine way to celebrate turning 50. This summer also marked my 50th and I must say that I certainly didn't usher it in with the panache you have. Dim sum on the top of a peak is pretty nice style, too. I may have to do that one of these days. It reminds me that in my high school days it was my tradition to always consume some pork buns in the morning before a major athletic event--it was the "breakfast of champions" for me.
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby Trail Bud » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:57 pm

Hi Robin,
That's quite the list.
Congrats and Happy Birthday!
Take care.
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John Muir
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby copeg » Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:33 pm

That is one heck of a list! Happy b-day :birthday
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby Ranboze » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:32 pm

Thanx everyone. It certainly was a fun journey.
Walking outside is where I find what's inside.
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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby CinnamonGirl » Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:31 pm


happy birthday and congratulations on attaining your goal! :thumbsup: :)

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Re: 50 for 50... and dim sum

Postby Skibum » Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:29 pm

Happy B'day and way to go! =D>
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