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NorthPeak 07/15/08

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NorthPeak 07/15/08

Postby will_jrob » Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:19 pm

Hi, On 7/15/08 dayclimbed North Peak (12,200+) near Tioga pass.
On drive up on 120, at sunrise the Sierra crest was clouded over, and from May Lake on the ground was damp from recent storm(s), and near parker Pass trailhead, there was hail covering the ground. By the time I reached Saddlebag Lake, the sky was clearing, and no hail. A cool morning with some mosquitos at the start. Hiked along the west side of Saddlebag, reached the wet meadowy north end of lake, sky had cleared and the mosquitos increased greatly, reducing photostop times. Some wildflowers but not overwhelming. Headed up the trail to Conness Lakes past a nice cascade, intending to reach the scree slopes SW of North Peak, but while avoiding some pine thickets, worked up above the use trail, and rather than give back the altitude continued to traverse to below the middle chute then headed up over scree/talus/ledges then used the snow banks to reach the ridge. A short ascent over talus reached the summit.Air was still a little smokey/hazy but much better than 3 weeks ago, with some tall cumulus to the south. Mt.Conness dominates the view south. Wonderful view from Tenaya canyon to TowerPeak/SawtoothRidge, VirginiaPass area, 20 lakes basin, Mt.Dana, Ritter/Banner, Lyell/MacClure. . Descended by the S.W. slope over scree slopes then across talus fields to lakeside use trail. Saw no one beyond Greenstone lake, and actually passed no one the entire hike.

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Re: NorthPeak 07/15/08

Postby Snow Nymph » Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:26 pm

North Peak was on my list of peaks to do, but I won't have time before I go to Australia. Maybe when I get back. Elephant Heads are one of my favorite flowers! Nice shot! :D
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Re: NorthPeak 07/15/08

Postby giantbrookie » Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:37 pm

I have very fond memories of North Peak and the area from my childhood. I first had the urge to climb it when viewing its fine form from Saddlebag Lake probably in about 1967 or so. My family (mom, dad, younger brother, me) first attempted North Peak in 1968 and were driven back by thunder and snow. We succeeded the next year. The family pictures of us on those two trips are some of the more special ones from those years. My dad especially enjoyed the area which is why his ashes were scattered at the base of North Peak 32 years after we first visited it.
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