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Lightner Peak 02-23-2008

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Lightner Peak 02-23-2008

Postby tomcat_rc » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:14 pm

Saturday, Feb. 23 found us back over in the Lake Isabella area. Originally we were planning to bag Sawtooth over near Chimney Peak - but with new snows I felt the conditions would not be favorable for the option B route that I wanted to lead. After milling over Plan A, B, and C - we threw them all out the window and drove over west of Lake Isabella. The hike to Lightner Peak starts from the Remington trail which is near Hobo Camp on the Borel Power Plant Rd.

Alice, Lisa, Nathan and I started out hiking about 9am - the goal - get Nathan his first peak bagging summit. He has been doing a lot of hiking and his strength has improved dramatically; but he had yet to sit on top of a peak to look out; or to sign a summit register and see the signatures of those who had been there before. The trail started out overcast and some mud on the trail. About 2.5 miles in, we started hiking mostly on snow. The last 1.5 miles was thicker snow with intermittent postholing to the knees. Still we all made it to the summit. It was covered in snow and we had to dig out the register. Since it was Nathan's first time, we waited until the summit to inform him of the initiation rights - $20. fee to each member of the summiting party who helped you get there and he had to carry all our packs down. For once I did not mind packing an extra chocolate bar.

We made it back to vehicles around 3pm and I managed to make it back over Walkers Pass before the snow and rains started. Not much in flowers - but the rains bring promise of a good season to come.
pictures: http://tomcat-rc.smugmug.com/gallery/44 ... #258669121

fresh snow on Walkers Pass:

view from the ridge looking back down at Lake Isabella:

happy summiteers:
mountain hiking is addictive:
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Re: Lightner Peak 02-23-2008

Postby MooseTracks » Tue Feb 26, 2008 6:11 pm

Nice job, Tom et al! Congrats to Nate on his first peak! :D Careful, it's a little addictive! :unibrow:

-L :cool:
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Re: Lightner Peak 02-23-2008

Postby Rosabella » Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:53 pm

Sounds like a great trip! Congratulations to Nathan on his first peak. Tom, I thought you were serious about the "initiation rights" until I saw your picture of Nathan heading back down with only one pack :lol: !

But he's got to do something about those jeans... that had to have been miserable in the snow. :eek:
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Re: Lightner Peak 02-23-2008

Postby Moondust » Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:26 am

Nathan has gradually been accumulating essential hiking gear. He is a quick study. On his first hike, a 15 miler with about 4000 feet gain, he brought a grand total of 24 oz water. Even though he didn't make the entire distance, he DID consume all his water and was desperate for more. Luckily I had plenty of extra :drinkers: On the next hike he showed up with a hydration bladder in his pack. Next was hiking poles. The equipment he missed most on the Lightner hike was gloves. But he also mentioned pants as high on the list. By spring, he'll probably be a well-equipped hiker!

Alice aka Moondust
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