TR: Mt. Langley attempt from Owens Valley, Oct. 2017

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Re: TR: Mt. Langley attempt from Owens Valley, Oct. 2017

Post by JosiahSpurr » Mon May 04, 2020 2:09 am

josiahspurr wrote:
Sun May 03, 2020 11:58 pm
Going straight up and to the L of that object is pass #4 with the dead trees. [...] [...] [...]
Here's a link to mini pass #4 with the cross-hairs at Lat=36.5383 & Long=-118.1846 :


Here's an embed :

Josiah S*

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Re: TR: Mt. Langley attempt from Owens Valley, Oct. 2017

Post by Jim F » Thu May 07, 2020 10:02 pm


Thanks for sharing your recent outing. If you can get behind (west) of 3153, it seems reasonable that you can make it to Langley (with considerable work required). If further progress is made, keep us updated!

I studied your note on Secor's description of Diaz Pass. I had never considered the Pass might be on the Sierra Crest. But, apparently it is! Previously I was searching for it far to the east.

As it turns out, I have descended several times from Diaz Pass down into the Miter Basin. If one heads straight down a sandy trail to the Upper Soldier Lake, negotiates a short crack at the end of the descending ridge north of the lake, then one is suddenly and dramatically exposed to the overwhelming expanse of the Miter Basin (with a trivial descent into it).

Yes, it appears that if one heads east from Diaz Pass, the Owens Valley floor can be achieved by a known route that follows Diaz Creek some near the end. Take a look at Walters Starr Jr's map (which accompanies his book) from the 1930's. He depicts a "knapsack route" from the Miter Basin which passes by Upper Soldier Lake, then (probably) passes over Diaz pass to the Valley floor. Of course, many details are missing due to the scale of the map.

Still so much to learn about this remarkable area!


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