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Palisades/Mt Sill June 2 1018

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:54 am
by RockSolid
Sam Mack Meadow Thursday, stepped it up to Fisher Camp on Friday. Boots on the ground 4:40am, Mt. Sill via Swiss Arte, bitchen climb. Obviously easy travel across the glacier in the am, up to Gayley Saddle. great climb.
Snow pack is real soft from top to bottom. Snow on the whole approach to Sam Mack, ugly post holing. a little better up from Sam Mack, but not much after about 10am.
Decent was slow and arduous. hard pack under a couple inches of soft snow. Walking back across the glacier we were post holing 12 inches every 5 to 8 steps, painfull. full packs from Fisher Camp down no better, 4 hours from the glacier to the car on the return.