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March 21 Climb Up the Rocky Creek Canyon Trail

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March 21 Climb Up the Rocky Creek Canyon Trail

Postby Vaca Russ » Fri Mar 27, 2015 7:54 am

OK, so this isn’t a report about an epic traverse of the Crystal Range in the dead of winter “SOLO”! But, not everybody is Superman! :D :p :nod:

Last Saturday we took Rocky Creek Canyon Trail up to the summit of Pyramid Peak. We started at the trailhead across the highway from the 59 mile marker sign.

1 Mile 59.JPG

After a short distance we met Kimberley form Pollock Pines and two of her friends. Kimberley had said she often read HST, although she had never posted a report.

2 Kimberley.JPG

We saw a total of 9 other people on this trail this busy Saturday. That included these two young skiers / split boarders who climbed to the summit to ski down to Aloha.

3 Skiers.JPG

Their plan was then to skin back up and follow the trail back to their vehicle.

Here is a picture of my beautiful girl about half way to the summit.

4 Half Way Up.JPG

Here she is just below the talus strewn summit block.

5 Summit Block.JPG

If you look closely, you can see her far down the summit ridge.


She made the Summit! That is Price and Agassiz under her right arm.

7 Sport Summit.JPG

So she pulled out her phone and recorded a video for something called “Facebook” (???) :) . If you look closely you can see Union Valley Reservoir in the distance.

8 Playing with Phone.JPG

It was very, very windy on the summit. We didn’t spend a lot of time up there. Soon we found ourselves heading back down the mountain.

9 Going Back.JPG

It warmed up quite a bit by the time we climbed down the embankment to highway 50.

10 Sport Trailhead.JPG

Thank you for reading our post!

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