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TR 11/9/2014 lookout, Peepsight, Henrys, and Bullrun peaks

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TR 11/9/2014 lookout, Peepsight, Henrys, and Bullrun peaks

Postby Gazelle » Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:51 pm

11/9/2014 Lookout, Peep sight, Henrys and Bullrun 12 miles, 4000 elevation gain 6.5 hours.

Started by driving up Ebbetts pass from the East always fun, turned off at the Pacific Valley campground which was closed but you can still drive in. Parked at the road trailhead if I had brought the truck I could have saved a couple miles on the trip. Started at 7 am walked up the dirt road for about a mile to the real trailhead and headed on the Milk ranch trail till I crossed a flowing creek and headed up the creek off trail, went up the creek not that far, crossed and pretty much headed straight for the peak, which you can not see so I consulted my gps on the phone. Made it to Lookout peak at 9:45 signed the register, great views and took off for peepsight peak.


Down to Willow flat this would probably be beautiful in the spring/summer actually I said that the whole day. Worked up and over some little hills and valleys and went around to the left side up to the summit. Took about an hour. Signed the register amazing 2 peaks with registers yeah! Can see so many peaks from here it is amazing.


Went to the next little peaklet just for the fun of it, dropped down to the east and contoured down and over to Henrys the plateau don’t know if I went the best way as I had to descend into a gorge and back out but was not bad. Again worked to the left and gained the summit, again a register! And the views! The traverse took 70 minutes.


Next up Bullrun, work down to saddle where you meet the trail and the wilderness boundary, went left around the 1st set of rocks, then along the ridge, then around the rocks to the right and up. Here I finally encountered snow which probably made it easier. I did post hole through the 6-12 inches of snow but did not have to be on the loose rocks, every once in awhile there was a slick rock underneath no big, snow is usually my friend in most cases. Made it to the top in 40 mins from henrys. Could not find a register so I walked all over the plateau for the views…then not on the high point but kind of in the middle of the flat area yep a register just placed with comments on not stealing the register! 4 peaks done.



The way down I just went straight down the snow to the creek crossed over to the trail and fast tracked back, did see a truck at the real trailhead, kind of hate passing a vehicle when I have to walk! Oh and Lookout is the only OGUL and my 49th at that! The other 3 were better in my opinion and well worth the trip. Got to drive down from Ebbetts and see the amazing views and peaks. Awesome day.
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Re: TR 11/9/2014 lookout, Peepsight, Henrys, and Bullrun peaks

Postby gary c. » Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:11 am

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
"On this proud and beautiful mountain we have lived hours of fraternal, warm and exalting nobility. Here for a few days we have ceased to be slaves and have really been men. It is hard to return to servitude."
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