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the far reaches of OGUL - Mount Fillmore 7715'

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the far reaches of OGUL - Mount Fillmore 7715'

Postby cefire » Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:43 pm

Had a day off of work and a rainy forecast so I took off to bag one of the more isolated OGUL peaks - Mount Fillmore. Pretty straightforward directions from Yamagata's site, you'll want to note to park here:


You'll want to leave the trail at about a mile in where the 4WD road obviously turns into a single track trail. From here, head NNW cross-country up rather open, peaceful forest. Lots and lots of bear sign here including digging holes, scat, and a few scratch marks on the trees:


I scared something BIG off of the small meadow you reach right before the lava flow area. Never caught sight of it; probably just deer but lonely hiker minds drift to other possibilities :confused:

The summit is nothing to write home about, but a peaceful place with a beautiful view on a foggy day :D



Feeling like I hadn't really had my fill yet, I decided to hoof it up nearby Mt. Etna:
Etna from Fillmore trail:

This turned out to be more of an adventure, bushwhacking over dense shrub and manzanita, but worth it! A very interesting peak with a fun scramble on the Northern end :unibrow:

The northern aspect:

Burd has of course visited:

All in all made for a nice short day of peakbagging, can't ask for more than that!

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Re: the far reaches of OGUL - Mount Fillmore 7715'

Postby Gazelle » Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:50 pm

Did Mt Fillmore yesterday after doing Sierra Buttes 1st parked at PCT got a late start after 10am hard work week anyway 1 hour 35 minutes hauled ass!!

On to Haskell 1 hour 18 min

Fillmore 1 hour 20 minhike drove up dirt road a little ways from main dirt road was going to Quincy to pick up my pig so far reaching ogul beat out closer elwell not very impressive peak but drive on la porte road etc was fun

Up to 33 OGULs now

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