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Basin Peak 9-6-14

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Basin Peak 9-6-14

Postby Vaca Russ » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:50 am

Last Saturday we made a quick drive up to the Donner Pass area. We planned on bagging two easy Ogul Listed peaks, Basin and Castle.

I neglected to do much research and was pleasantly surprised to find that much of what I had thought was trail was actually pretty decent road. You can actually drive almost all the way to where the PCT intersect at Castle Pass.

1 PCT Intersect.JPG

We wanted to bag the easy one first so we dropped down from the pass into Round Valley. Here we had a chance to explore the Peter Grubb Hut.

2 Peter Grubb Hut.JPG

We had been leap frogging a father son combination along the trail. This was little man’s (10 YO) first backpacking adventure. If you look closely you can see them up the trail in this picture of Round Valley.

3 Father and Son.JPG

We soon found ourselves below the peak and found a use trail we assumed went to the summit.

4 Summit Use Trail.JPG

It turned out to just wrap around the north end of the summit so we hiked cross country up to the summit. The wind forced us to don our foul weather gear (that is a fancy way of saying, “Put on a long sleeve shirt”) :nod:

5 Sport Summit.JPG

We found some interesting items inside the ammo box on the summit. Of course there was a very nice register. Somebody also decided to leave some samples of their medicinal herb. There must have been a retired school teacher up here or sumpthin’. :nod: :D :nod: :D

6 Register.JPG

7 Meds.JPG

You can see our next objective off in the distance behind her.

8 Castle in Back.JPG

Here she is modeling the box.

9 Ammo Box.JPG

Off to Castle!

10 Next Peak.JPG

Thank you for reading our report!

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