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Mount Silliman

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Mount Silliman

Postby wingding » Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:44 am

I was going to stay home this weekend but the weather forecast looks good and work is slow finally; so I'm going to try to do a day hike to Mount Silliman in Sequoia on Saturday or Sunday. Kind of short notice, but if there's anyone out there interested in doing Silliman this weekend I'd enjoy company.

Silliman has been on my list for a while.


Postby AfterSeven » Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:13 pm

Good Luck!

I was in the area last week when a brief storm came in that dropped 1' of snow at 7,000'....probably a good deal more up high. The Goddard area had lots of snow stick...the Great Western Divide ...no snow was visible within 48 hours. Nothing stuck to Silliman at all....(as of 10.12.06) I think another tiny storm rolled thru on the weekend.....here are some Silliman pics that are week old




sorry havent had time to do much uploading....hope this helps a little....should be smooth sailing for you!
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Postby wingding » Thu Oct 19, 2006 5:59 am

Thanks a lot for the pictures Afterseven - if the forecast holds it looks like I'll have a good weekend for Silliman.

Postby Skibum » Thu Oct 19, 2006 6:13 pm

Hey Kathy!

We got a trace of snow yesterday night. Not much and it's already melted off. You should have a nice hike. If I did not have to work this weekend, I'd meet you up there. :\

If you need a place to throw your bag, let me know.
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Postby wingding » Thu Oct 19, 2006 7:38 pm

Skibum -

Thanks for the offer - it's very kind of you. I think I'll end up sleeping in my truck at the Lodgepole Campground on Friday night and probably Saturday night too. That will put me close to the trailhead for my hike to Silliman on Saturday. I think I'll hike Sunday too, but I don't know if I'll just want to to a short stroll or something more ambitious.

I got a new truck this summer - a toyota tacoma and i put a shell on it, so it's been a lot nicer sleeping in it than it had been in my last truck where I slept curled up in the passenger seat at trailheads.

If you want to hike, or if you end up down that way when you're working and have time to say hi, look for a white toyota tacoma with a shell on it. It would be nice to see your smiling face.

Do you think there's enough snow/ice to bother carrying ice axe/crampons for the hike to Silliman?


My hike to Silliman

Postby wingding » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:15 pm

On Saturday I hiked from Lodgepole to Mount Silliman. It was a nice hike - a little over 11 miles round-trip and about 4,400 feet gain. You take the Twin Lakes Trail, which starts in Lodgepole, until Silliman Creek and then follow a use trail along Silliman Creek to about 8,500 feet where you hit the slabs that lead to Silliman Lake. The trail is gentle until the slabs (only about 1,900 feet gain over the first 4 miles, but from the slabs to the top it's fairly steep (2,500 feet gain over the last 1.6 miles). The slabs are fun to go up and they bring you to Silliman Lake. From Lake Silliman it's up to another small lake and then on to the top of Silliman. It took me about 2 hours to get to the bottom of the slabs and then another 3 hours to get to the top of Silliman - I moved pretty slowly from the slabs to the top. Here are some pictures I took of the hike to Silliman:


I like this picture in particular:


Postby Trekker » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:37 pm

Nice pics, Kathy! Makes me realize that I should really start doing some trips on the west side again, like I used to. That's where I started my Sierra adventures, but lately it's been all east side. I'm impressed with the fact that there doesn't seem to be much snow at all, and I'm guessing that Silliman is about 11,000 ft. or so. East side has 2 ft or more in some areas at that elevation from what I've heard. Maybe that's the ticket for late season bp's! :nod:
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Postby Shawn » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:55 pm

Hey Kathy - great job on Silliman!

Your photos are great; I bet you were happy to find little snow on the ground. It's been a few years since I've been up there, but it seems you moved at a good clip to to me.

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Postby wingding » Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:36 pm

I am beginning to appreciate the west side. I think I might do a backpacking trip starting on that side next year - maybe from Roads end and then up to Lake Basin.

Postby copeg » Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:26 am

Great shots Kathy. Looks like a fantastic time! Love how you included the map with your route with the photos. The view from up there looks spectacular!
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