Best summit views?

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Re: Best summit views?

Post by SSSdave » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:02 pm

Views from top of peaks is always interesting especially regionally tallest peaks in that on clear days one can see long distances across landscapes including other peak tops. However rarely are photographs from top of peaks rated strongly aesthetically even on boards like summitpost with all their peakbaggers. Much better aesthetically are views looking up at peaks with alpine landscape foregrounds against a deep blue sky and or background. As a twentysomething I climbed a number of summits including Goddard, Agassiz, Columbine, Eagle Scout, Seven Gables (n), Izaak Walton and other supposedly with strong views and usually noted being so high caused peak tops to view against smoggy skies in the distance versus usual intense blues from below. What I did find interesting on the other hand was with topo in hand, identifying features in the distance including lakes. So would usually spend quite a lot of time at tops doing so. Ironically numbers of peak baggers get to the top and really don't spend much time enjoying views or even cracking open their maps so their fun is mostly the challenge of climbs.

A more interesting challenge became to find unique tripod locations below with best views of peaks like this of Cathedral Peak:

or this of Isoceles:

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Re: Best summit views?

Post by sparky » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:22 pm

My Spencer has what you are looking for

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Re: Best summit views?

Post by tie » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:25 pm

I pretty much only climb for the views. I think you need good views in all directions (nearby mountains > far-off ones), and a good, dramatic drop-off in at least a couple directions.

From what has been mentioned so far, Brewer and Spencer both have good views. Not sure about best. I think Agassiz is better (and much better than Sky Haven—the view south from Sky Haven might be prettier in good light, with the Palisades over the lakes, but the view lacks the dramatic drop-off and closeness-to-the-Palisades of Agassiz). I wouldn't put Alta Peak, Mt Bago or Seven Gables in my top 50. Secor recommends Pilot Knob for its "outstanding view," but I think it lacks drama. I've climbed Whitney many times, but don't especially like the area. (And the summit plateau is so large that you can't get good views all around at the same time.)

For mountains not yet mentioned, I like Banner Peak a lot. The Minarets and Thousand Island Lake are some of my favorite places, so it's nice to get a view of both, with a dramatic drop-off, too. I also think Matterhorn Peak has pretty views, though not "the best."

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