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Quote: Into Thin Air

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Quote: Into Thin Air

Postby Bearlover » Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:14 am

The one great advantage which inexperience confers on the would-be mountaineer is that he(she) is not bogged down by tradition or precedence. To him, all things appear simple, and he chooses straightforward solutions to the problems he faces. Often, of course, it defeats the success he is seeking, and sometimes it has tragic results, but the man himself doesn't know this when he sets out on his adventure. Maurice Wilson, Earl Benman, Klavs Becker-Larsen--- none of them knew much about mountain climbing or they would not have set out on their hopeless quests, yet, untrammelled by techniques, determination carried them a long way.

Walt Unsworth
There is a Bear.. Where? Over there!

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