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Quote from "Slides" by Richard Harris (a favorite

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Quote from "Slides" by Richard Harris (a favorite

Postby Rosabella » Sun May 20, 2007 2:41 pm

I've always loved the song "Slides" sung by Richard Harris (on the same Album title); I think he sang this song some time in the 70's. In the song he's presenting his new students with a slide show of his favorite slides. Towards the end of the song he says the following line, which has always stuck with me... especially while hiking alone:

"I find that traveling alone is somehow more realistic than with others. You find yourself in a new place all alone, and you deal with it... as opposed to when you are with others who are familiar to you, and in a sense, shelter you from situations you would otherwise meet head-on."

I know that whenever I'm traveling/backpacking alone, as opposed to going with family or friends, it's a whole different experience... and I really enjoy it.

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