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Agnew to Tuolumne

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:51 pm
by jorrflv
My 9 Year old son and I are planning the trek from Agnew to Tuolumne. We have allotted 6 days for our trip. This will be his longest trip he has done. We have successfully completed several 2-3 day trips. Our most recent was pyramid peak loop in Great Basin National Park. That was a 2 day 13 mile trek with about 3000 feet of elv. gain. I am looking for the most reasonable places to camp on our hike. I would like to keep our days between 5-7 miles but we can push 10 if necessary. Some other posters have suggested avoiding the Lyell Forks area due to bear activity which is really putting a cramp in my plans. I have read several other posts, but I have not hiked this stretch of trail before. What are your thoughts for itineraries? We just enjoy the trail and the outdoors.

Jon and Tim

Re: Agnew to Tuolumne

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:52 pm
by jorrflv
Sorry, I forgot we are going end of July.

Re: Agnew to Tuolumne

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:43 pm
by Splash
What trail are you taking from AM? It matters. TM is only about 26-30 miles so 6 days will give you plenty of time to explore. Go to Marie Lakes; it's trail junction is just before Donohue Pass. Don't worry about the bears in Lyell Canyon you have no choice, you have to hike through there. Just don't leave your packs unattended, keep your canisters away from your tents at night.

Re: Agnew to Tuolumne

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:28 am
by kpeter
I took my 14 year old a few years back and we did the same trip in seven days, but two of those were dayhikes. Here is what we did:

Day 1. Agnew Meadows to above Shadow Lake. No camping at Shadow Lake, so we continued and camped along Shadow Creek about half a mile beyond the lake. Campsites can be found on the uphill side of the trail, are not permitted between the trail and the creek.

Day 2. We dayhiked to Ediza and Iceberg lakes.

Day 3. We hiked over the Garnet Pass and then over to 1000 Island. This was the toughest day. You could dispense with the Day 2 dayhike (although Ediza is a highlight!) and break this up if necessary.

Day 4 Dayhiked in the 1000 Island vicinity. I prefer to camp nearer the West end of the lake--most of the JMT through hikers camp closer to the East end. For dayhikes, going up the West end towards Lake Catherine is a possibility. Circling the Lake, going over the shallow saddle to the west end of Garnet, etc.

Day 5. 1000 Island Over Donahue Pass to upper Lyell Canyon. Come down the pass, cross Lyell Creek, head on a downhill grade, and then there will be camps available on a second crossing across the Creek. Fairly obvious.

Day 6. Upper Lyell Canyon to Lyell Creek just within the legal-camping area. Many sites along the stream--it is a veritable motel since so many people stop there, but it is woodsy and this helps.

Day 7. Out to TM for a hot breakfast.

Re: Agnew to Tuolumne

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:01 am
by maverick
Hi Jon/Tim,

Welcome to HST!
Would recommend Shadow(1night), Ediza(2 nights), 1000 Is Lake(1night), Lyell
Canyon (1night). Ediza is great as a base camp from where one can visit Nydiver
Lakes or Iceberg Lake. You could also choose 1 night at Ediza and 2 at 1000 Is lake
that also great as a base camp. Bears are an issue in the Minarets too, take a bear
canister, keep a clean camp, and you will not encounter any problems.