Opinions on Dusy Basin to Palisades Lakes

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Re: Opinions on Dusy Basin to Palisades Lakes

Post by SSSdave » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:39 am

Well I wouldn't generalize about high rocky basins beyond the fact Dusy is at the top. There are a few other areas of the Sierra I would rate a 10 like the outlet of Thousand Island Lake and in this case just opined on a few spots in that region. I would rate the south end of Saphire Lake in Evolution Basin a 9 and the McGee Lakes an 8. One can understand the high regard for Evolution Valley historically because in the old days people had to build campfires for cooking so tended to site camps down below timberline areas. Hence from the stream meanders in McClure Meadow at sunset they would look up at alpenglow on the Mendel-Darwin area from below which is as superb a valley view as anywhere.

From a modern photographer's perspective, getting nearer the actual peaks has value of raising the experience a notch higher. Photography of Mendel-Darwin from Evolution Lake itself is simply too close to frame and areas to the south appear better from Darwin Bench or Saphire. In any case other old photographers would certainly have varying opinions so the above were just mine.

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