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I can't flippin wait!:)

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I can't flippin wait!:)

Postby ndwoods » Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:05 pm

My honey and I dragged our kids all over the western US backpacking. Then we took a granddaughter backpacking. And with just the two of us bagged about 25-30 nights a year for at least 20 years...probably longer than that. Then suddenly....more grandkids. And the grandkids were both due in the summer...Aug and then again in Sept the next year...no way I was going to be in the highcountry if my daughter went into labor! So...we've stayed home a couple years. I was disappointed but ok with it. Just rode my horses a lot....including backcountry day trips almost every day. But....now....finally....we get to go!!!!! I pulled out my dusty gear and started looking it over. Did I never see the seam about to go in my rain pants? Wonder how many trips they barely survived...laugh. Anyway, doing thorough inventory and replacing stuff....and have a 9 day trip planned around Avalanche and Colby and Kaweah....YEEHAW!:)

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Re: I can't flippin wait!:)

Postby sekihiker » Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:06 am

Best Wishes on your trip, Dee. You picked a great trip. I miss that area.
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