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upper kendrick creek

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upper kendrick creek

Postby sparky » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:40 am

I am back to trying to put together a west to east tour of Northern Yosemite, and the crux of my plans seems to come on the second day of hiking.

I am ok with Class 3 scrambling.

First off, an area I am aiming to explore is the upper kendrick creek drainage. I would like to visit Edith Lake too, but the area above the falls that are about 1.5 miles N of Edith is of more interest to me.

After studying google earth, it looks Iffy to get around the falls. I see a possibility that looks interesting to bypass edith and the falls to get into Kendrick Creek.

This really is the Crux of the entire route and will decide if I start @ Kibbie Ridge or Hetch Hetchy.

So has anyone gone from Edith to upper Kendrick Creek?

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Re: upper kendrick creek

Postby maverick » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:40 pm

Hi Sparky,

Staying high on the ridge between Frog and Kendrick is the easiest route and avoids
all the bush down in the canyon which rates right up there with lower Goddard and
lower Muro Blanco for nastiness. The falls can be bypassed on its east at about the
7600 ft level going up a smooth granite ramp. The cluster of 5 lakes on the west side
of Kendrick Creek below Edith is quite pretty, but getting across Kendrick is almost
impossible during the Spring run-off, so once your one on side in the canyon your
committed to it. Even getting across Frog can be problematic and may take one to
look for a safe cross further up/down creek.
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Re: upper kendrick creek

Postby oldranger » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:11 pm


Hetch Hetchy is currently closed to public access due to rockfall/avalanche. It is not clear when it will be open. If your planned trip is before mid summer you need to have a backup plan, perhaps starting at the access point for Lake Eleanor. Good Luck. Its great country.


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