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Best 40 -50 mile loop in the Sequioa / Mineral King area

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Best 40 -50 mile loop in the Sequioa / Mineral King area

Postby overheadx2 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:43 am

I have already posted this in the fishing forum, so I hope this isn't redundant, but I know that not everyone looks through the fishing forum.

I just got back from one of my best hikes yet, and am pretty jacked about next year already. I've never been to the Mineral king area and have heard it is a must. I have a friend in Visalia that would drop / pick me from either mineral king or Jerky Meadow, and I could get a ride to or from Sequoia on the SEKI shuttle to Visalia. I am looking to go out of Lodgepole / Wolverton area and loop around to mineral King or reversed. Another possibility would be either of these locations down to the Kern and out to Jerky meadow (I know its hot in there past July) in an effort to get some great fishing at the Kern. This would be primarily for scenery, but there is an emphasis on fishing. Looking for a 40 to 50 mile loop. I am familiar with x country hiking, but not really comfortable with climbing. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil

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Re: Best 40 -50 mile loop in the Sequioa / Mineral King area

Postby cgundersen » Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:13 pm

It's 16-17 miles from Crescent Meadow to Hamilton Lake and maybe again that down to Kern Hot Springs (all on the High Sierra trail), but what a nice walk and the fishing is OK at Hamilton and improves as you approach the Kern! And, it's a roughly similar schlep from KHS out to Mineral King via Sawtooth Pass. Descending Sawtooth is much better than ascending it, so I'd recommend going clockwise. You'll have to rely on the fisherfolk for better info on fishing in 9 Lakes basin, Moraine Lake, etc.
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Re: Best 40 -50 mile loop in the Sequioa / Mineral King area

Postby oleander » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:04 pm

Well, all three of the entry/exit trails in Mineral King are fantastic but steep - Franklin, Sawtooth or Cliff Creek. Mineral King in general I find to be vertical and rugged. Wolverton and Lodgepole are both pretty gentle. So I'd end the trip in Mineral King, when you're acclimatized and the pack is light.

Have not checked the mileage but it strikes me that this route could land you at 40-50 miles:

Wolverton - Hamilton Lake - Nine Lakes Basin off-trail explorations - Little Five Lakes off-trail explorations - Big Five Lakes - exit via Columbine/Sawtooth or Franklin Lakes.

I don't know anything about fishing so I'm just speaking from a best-scenery-and-logistics point of view.

- Elizabeth
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