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Roper route and the blowdown

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Roper route and the blowdown

Postby oleander » Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:32 am

Most of the *trailed* routes affected by the tree blowdown north and south of Mammoth have been cleared.

I am wondering if anyone has come through Roper's high route and could comment on the blowdown and which specific off-trail areas it may have affected.

We will be traveling north to south.

- Is the entirety of the Foerster Peak - Mt. Ritter traverse above treeline?

- We may be exiting to the Reds Meadow/Mammoth area a little early (before the Becks Lake trail), not because of the blowdown but owing to timing considerations. So exiting via Minaret Lake trail, Shadow Lake trail, or even Garnet Lake. I am assuming the only one of those three that would give us trouble is Garnet Lake, as it's untrailed and pretty thick with trees. (Could more easily exit via Thousand Island.) I believe I have read that all of these *trailed* exits in this area are now cleared.

- From the Mammoth area, we will probably re-enter not via Reds Meadow to Mammoth Pass, but instead either: (1) Horseshoe Lake to McLeod Lake and then up and over Mammoth Crest towards Deer Lakes; or (2) the trailed route from Lake George to Deer Lakes, maybe with a side trip offtrail up to Mammoth Crest to see the views. I am not certain if either trailed route (especially route #1 towards McLeod Lake) is cleared yet. Aside from that, we are wondering which of the two options is the most appealing from a scenery point of view. I heard the Mammoth Crest part of Roper is not to be missed, but I admit I'm confused which piece of it, exactly, is not to be missed. We are not Roper "purists" - just wanting a good experience. Joining us for the Mammoth-Mono Creek section will be a friend who has never done cross-country before, so we are willing to be lazy and skip a pointless slog.

- From Tully Hole, we are considering staying on the McGee Pass Trail to Tully Lake to avoid possible blowdown on the standard Roper route.

- Should we assume the Laurel Lakes trail is not cleared? From what I understand, that area got hit by the blowdown too.

Exiting via Mono Pass so once on the Mono Pass trail, we should be good.

- Elizabeth

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