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An unorthodox suggestion....

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Re: An unorthodox suggestion....

Postby Hobbes » Mon May 21, 2012 2:25 pm

tim wrote:We tried to get to Glacier Pt on the Sunday of last Memorial Day weekend (2011).

We spent a night @ Wawona during Memorial weekend back in 2005, with plans to enter the valley and stay at the Ahwanhee the next two days/nights.

No such luck - that night, a major rainstorm moved in that completely flooded and closed off all access to the valley (by NPS order). Since no one who had planned on leaving the Glacier pt area that day had reservations for the night, chaos ensued.

Some drove back to Tenaya lodge, but we stuck it out. Finally, around 6pm, they threw us in a cabin that had been activated under emergency orders. It was sort of funky, but we were happy to spend another night within the park, while hoping the valley would be clear the next day.

We woke up to find it still closed, but finally around 10-11am, they raised the gate. It was really pretty bitchin' being one of the few in the valley, and with all the falls (and rare mysto spots) doing their best to imitate fire hoses, it made the day even more enjoyable.

The loop road was still under around 2-3 inches of water, but we eventually made it to the Ahwanhee. While we were originally planning on staying 2 nights, at that point we were just thankful we finally got in and got to spend at least our last night in the valley.

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