Kearsarge to Cedar Grove and Beyond

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Post by markskor » Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:58 am

There is a lot of room out there. Establishments like the HSC's, Muir Ranch, VVR, this new one...whatever - certainly can find a place and they do serve a purpose.
As the last poster claims...their existence enables us to have the ability to restock...maybe a bit $$ but it is there for all of us.

Sure, I also hate the horse biscuits, flies, trail mess...but I can live with it.

My dad - an avid backpacker in his day - wanted to see Vogelsang way he could carry a backpack at 70 but he did it all before - many times. We treated him to a 5 day, mule HSC loop...he says the best trip of his life.

How many times have you "dropped" in for some DEET or a piece of fresh fruit when passing?

Are we that much an elitist group that we cannot allow others to see the Sierra for themselves if they do not conform to "our way" of doing same?

As long as the new HSC cleans up its messes, does not pollute my streams, does its fair share...I say let them be.

We all may hit 70 someday - I might like also to see Vogelsang then too.

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Post by burtonfm » Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:22 am

I'm with Markskor on this one. I know the day will come for me where I'll no longer be able to hike 15 miles over 12,000' passes carrying a 50 pound pack. Perhaps when I'm 70? Maybe 75? Whatever my age when that day comes, my love for the Sierras will not stop me from wanting to go to far reaching places I once visited and fell in love with. I know I'll resort to packers to help get my raggidy old butt in there so I can enjoy my remaining days.

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Post by rightstar76 » Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:40 pm

I'm not against commercialized establishments in the wilderness as long as they don't cater exclusively to high end clientele and use ridiculous arguments for advertising. If this resort had more tents, charged 30% percent of what it charges now, offered only the most rudimentary of services, I'd have no problem with it. The advertising could say it's an alternative to Lodgepole and you have to walk a mile-and-a-half, nothing more. None of this 11 mile from Lodgepole business as though it's 10 miles from the nearest road. I might even entertain staying there if I didn't feel like backpacking. That's what I call a benefit to society. I don't think there are too many places like that today.

I don't know about this lodge being used as a re-supply stop for thru-hiking. It is on the other side of the Sierra so it wouldn't be good for PCT or JMT hikers. I guess if you have your own custom route planned you can use this place as a re-supply stop, if you can afford it.

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Post by Matilda » Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:10 pm

trailblazer wrote:Not sure how much time you have on your hands and how much you'd like to detour from your main objective, but I'll throw out a very scenic loop suggestion. Leaving kearsarge, meat the JMT/PCT and head south over forester, then head westerly over colby pass, down cloud canyon to roaring river and the the high sierra camp. Loop back down to cedar grove and up bubbs toward kearsarge - or do this in the reverse. This is a long extended trip, but well worth it.
Your original itinerary is doable, but I agree with Shawn that its a lot of elevation to loose, and then gain again going up avalanche pass. I'd bet you can easily hitch a ride to cedar grove from road's end/zumwalt.
That's a great suggestion, Trailblazer. I've always wanted to see Cloud Canyon. What do you think--four or five big days to make it to the camp?

Thanks to all for the lively discussion! I struggle with trying to keep an open mind about people who use, or, in my opinion, abuse the Sierra front- and backcountry differently than I do. But I like to believe that even if they leave fishing line and beer cans and ride in on a mule, it's better for more people to see what we're trying to protect. Still, I get fairly pissed off when I find forgetten, bear-ravaged packers' caches at Hilton Lakes, stock-trampled meadows or, worst of all, a huge toilet-paper covered latrine on the shore of Clarice Lake, in glorious view of Ritter and Banner.

There's the story--famous around Mammoth--of Reds Meadow Pack Station owner Bob Tanner "saving" the Ansel Adams Wilderness by taking then-CA governor Reagan on a horse trip to see the wild beauty of the Middle Fork San Joaquin. Reagan allegedly changed his mind about a proposed trans-Sierra highway after seeing the backcountry for himself.

To be totally honest, though, if I do the itinerary that Trailblazer suggests in the amount of time I'll probably have, I'll welcome the sight of a luxury wilderness camp with open arms!

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