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Snow travel classes still available?

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Snow travel classes still available?

Postby mikeymike » Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:52 pm


I've been planning for a while to do the Minaret-Cecile-Iceberg-Ediza-Garnet-1000 Islands route starting Aug 24. However, the reports for the Cecile-Iceberg traverse make it look like that snow field is pretty gnarly for snow-novices like myself and my hiking partner.

So does anyone know of any classes (snow travel, use of ice axes, etc) that could be offered this late in the season anywhere in the SF Bay Area or anywhere between the Bay Area and Mammoth? (even on the fake powder?) Or am I too late, and I need to just start praying for amazingly fast snow melt-age? Or does anyone have any other tips for solving my conundrum?

Thank you kindly.

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Re: Snow travel classes still available?

Postby cgundersen » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:27 am

Hi Mikey,
Having done that route several times, I'd guess that you will probably be OK if you wait till the sun has warmed things up on the stretch from Cecile down to Iceberg (there should be plenty of footprints to follow). But, because it's sheltered, you may have to wait a while (mid-morning). That said, Cecile is not a bad spot to "hang". However, if the descent to Ediza leaves you wobbly, I'd recommend following the trail down and around to Garnet/1000 Island rather than trying Whitebark Pass which can be trickier. I love the view from up there (Whitebark), but if you have any qualms, just skip it. Either way, please file a TR, because I'm planning to go up there next month!
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