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Wolverton to Hamilton Lake

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Re: Wolverton to Hamilton Lake

Postby Wandering Daisy » Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:56 pm

To the junction where each route meets, it is 5.6 miles from Crescent Meadow and 3.7 miles from Wolverton and each route has about 1,800 (from Woverton) to 2,000 (from Crescent Meadow) feet gain. The route from Crescent does avoid the one shot uphill on the return and you get nice views of Castle Rocks but you have to wade more streams. The view from Panther Gap is pretty nice too, but you do not get up close look at Castle Rocks (very impressive). Crescent Meadow is at 6,710 feet and Wolverton is at 7,280. Returning, you go up 1,500 feet to get back to Wolverton, and 1,080 to get back to Crescent Meadow. Having done both, I really think it is a toss up. Some people get the "feel" of being easier from Crescent Meadow because the ups are shorter. Having primarily done mountaineering, I psychologically prefer one shot up and one shot downs rather than tourture of a hundred little ups and downs. Bottom line is that I doubt it would matter much which trailhead you choose. The time is about the same and no matter how you cut it, it is a rigorous trek to Hamilton Lake. I think you could get in a bit faster from Wolverton. I did the route from Crescent Meadow in early season, and all the wading ate up a lot of time. Later, you may not even have to wade. The 500 feet saved going out to Crescent Meadow is about a toss up for the 1.9 miles extra distance. Since you said you are level 2 and in good shape, I took that to mean that physically rigorous is not the problem but you do not want to get into cross country travel or difficult map reading or other technical difficulties. The trail is a highway.

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Re: Wolverton to Hamilton Lake

Postby sluggo » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:53 pm

Thanks for all the helpful replies,

I originally wanted to get to hamilton the first day so I could set up camp once for both nights, enjoy a leisurely day two with a short day hike and maybe some fishing, and return home the third day. This lion fire is definitely of concern however. Southern seki looks like a war zone now :( if it doesn't clear up, I may look for a trip further north.

Thanks again!
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