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Would like some feedback on hike from Thomas Edison Res.

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Would like some feedback on hike from Thomas Edison Res.

Postby Telkwa » Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:31 pm

A few summers ago I was asking some of you folks about Hortense Lake. We didn't go that year. I want to go this year. I've been staring at the maps for months. Those contour lines between Warrior Lk. and Hortense look awful close together.

Then it hit me. Finally. We'd already gone from Laurel Lake to Cotton Lake, then Izaac Walton Lk., then Tully Hole. So we knew that area. Why not take the footpath to Mott, then Bighorn Lk., over Shout of Relief Pass, then Cotton Lake, then to Izaac Walton Lake? The route from Izaac to Mace, then Hortense looks a lot easier than Warrior to Hortense.

Setting up a base camp at Hortense, then scouting exit routes on day hikes, seems preferable to finding a way in to Hortense from Warrior with full packs.

Someone posted here saying they found a ducked route down to Fish Creek from Hortense. And there's the possibility of finding a way up & over to Warrior - it's been mentioned at HST.

Does that sound reasonable? Mott-Bighorn-Cotton-Izaac-Mace-Hortense, then hang out for a coupla days while we figure out a path either to Fish Creek or over the top to Warrior, then back to Edison via Graveyard Meadows trail or the PCT?

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