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Little Joe's Pass?

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Re: Little Joe's Pass?

Postby jmherrell » Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:17 am

A little off topic from Little Joe since I haven't done it but I have done Harrison and Millys. I would agree that Millys is easier if you don't mind the class 3. The class 3 is the last 50 ft of the chute. The first time I did it in highschool the chute was full of loose rock that went flying down as you went up. The next time in the 80's the chute was completely clean (scary smooth for climbing with a pack). I have used a 60-70 ft rope -- there is (or was) a rock horn at the top left to hang a rope from. Also there is rock with plenty of handholds/footholds on the left side (facing up). Set up the rope using the left side to climb without the pack and walk your pack up the middle of the chute.

I did Harrison when there was no ice or snow -- easy but tedious. There was one 6 ft ledge where we passed our packs.

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