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Postby obxcola » Fri May 13, 2011 6:17 pm

Yes I gather that there's class 2 and then there's the other class 2 which doesn't exactly mean "look ma, no hands!" More like the gymnasts version

I really appreciate you fellows taking the time with these questions. I've done and continue to do as much research as possible from way out here on the sandbar in the Atlantic and look forward to reading more of the reports on Doyle's website.

Best I can figure about the notch and the transition from east ridge to south face is you can't see the notch until you're right in the opening. I've seen photos from what must have been less than 200 feet from "the notch" and another right at the east side opening of the notch..... Oh well you take situations like that one safe step at a time and remember like Doyle noted about the summit rock; It's usually harder to go back and down than up; so be comfortable with the back route before you go forward. Good campaign tactics anytime.

I've got a pretty specific "big picture" route for this trip which I'll post later with requests for ideas and info that I'm carefully planning for September but this one transition over the Kings/Kern and or Great Western.....which I'm prepared to revise, alter or abandon depending on how things go, how I feel, how it looks.......from the upper Kern back to Roaring River is one I keep poking at.trying to get the combinations, possibilities etc as understood as possible. There's no guaranteed easy way to make either divide/transition ( short of Colby to the south and Forrester to the east) but there do seem to be reasonable possibilities and lots of opportunity for a great experience. I'd like to do some off-trail and a peak if I feel at the time I've got "the chops", and the transition will come near the end of an 8 day loop with plenty of time to get a feel, get acclimated and with a VERY light pack.

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