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Sequoia/kings canyon fire permit map?

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Sequoia/kings canyon fire permit map?

Postby frediver » Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:15 pm

At one time the park posted a map that indicated areas where campfires were permitted, IIRC a shaded topo map. I can't find it now, does anyone know where it went or if will be posted again
as the normal summer season starts?
Could someone pin the map if it is found?


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Re: Sequoia/kings canyon fire permit map?

Postby rlown » Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:27 pm

There is this page, which might explain why a map isn't readily found anymore. It appears they can restrict you at anytime, based on conditions: ... ctions.htm
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Re: Sequoia/kings canyon fire permit map?

Postby oldranger » Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:49 pm


You are right but the information provided makes it appear there are no other restrictions. It is possible but I have never seen it happen to close all areas to campfires if fire conditions were extreme. I couldn't find a map but did find:

Wood fires are permitted in Kings Canyon National Park below 10,000 feet elevation except in Granite Basin and Redwood Canyon.

Fires are permitted in the Kaweah River Drainage of Sequoia National Park below 9000 feet elevation except at Hamilton Lakes, Pinto Lake, and Mineral King Valley.

Fires are permitted in the Kern River Drainage of Sequoia National Park below 10,400 feet elevation with some exceptions.


(Temporary Campfire Restrictions
Special closures allow for continued recovery of the down-wood resource. Several heavily used areas are closed to campfires due to a lack of dead and down wood and damage to standing and live trees resulting from firewood scavenging.
• Campfires in the Kern River Drainage:
Campfires are prohibited above 10,400’. Campfires are also prohibited in the Nine Lakes Basin and Upper Big Arroyo area above 10,000’; and at Lower Crabtree Meadow on the John Muir Trail within ¼ mile of the food storage locker.

Use only existing fire rings; do not build new ones. Do not add rocks to existing rings.
Use only dead and down firewood. Do not chop live vegetation or remove dead branches from standing trees.
Fires must always be attended.
Do not burning aluminum foil, foil-lined packets, or plastic. Plastics emit toxic fumes and foil does not completely burn.
Put out fires 1/2 hour before leaving by adding water and stirring the ashes. Don't use dirt to put out fires.

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