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Humphreys Basin TR - 9/10/10 - 9/13/10

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Re: Humphreys Basin TR - 9/10/10 - 9/13/10

Postby rlown » Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:57 pm

Seems that when i leave an area, the fishing get's good.. sigh.. Glad you threw that Kastmaster. :thumbsup:

Tomahawk has fat brookies. If i wasn't targeting puppet, one could have a great 5 day trip just with Upper Deso, Mesa and Tomahawk. We ate fish one night at Paris.. pan fried, covered in foil, and after the last turn, a squeeze of half an orange.. Two pans worth.. yum.. a side of carmelized onions.

Wind was howling at Carol Col and Puppet on the 12th and half of the 13th after we left you. Upper Deso wasn't howling when we caught the fish on the 15th. there's a great deep trough between two of the points on the south side about 1/8 mile east of the outlet. The lake is so big, it was hard to categorize it. It seemed that there were two big fish per 100 yds of shoreline. Instead of waiting till the last day (16th) to leave puppet, we decided to move up and out to Deso so we could get out and home at a reasonable time on the 16th, and hit the Jolly Kone in Bridgeport for the second time on the trip.

Besides the SS discussion with the Frog guy, did he find any frogs? I didn't see any tadpoles or frogs anywhere. I know there's BD (fungus) in the puppet basin.

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Re: Humphreys Basin TR - 9/10/10 - 9/13/10

Postby Herm » Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:16 pm

I didn't talk with the frog biologist for more than five minutes, and that was as he was on his way to set up camp - so no discussion beyond what I stated earlier. I never saw or heard any frogs on this trip.
At Upper Deso, I think I fished the same area on the south side east of the inlet - hit it both coming and going, but for nada. However, there was some good looking water there. On a trip there in September 2006 where I spent one night camped further east along the southern shore, did not even attempt fishing because of the wind. Scooted back over to Muriel, where I had limited success for brookies.
This is the third time I have backpacked in Humphreys Basin, and I will go back there again - much to explore.
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