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Day hike Symmes Creek to Onion Valley - Bikes

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Day hike Symmes Creek to Onion Valley - Bikes

Postby alinsdau » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:42 pm

Hello! I am planning to hike from Symmes Creek to Onion Valley this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows if there are some places to lock up a bike at Onion Valley? I'd rather not have to hike an extra 13 miles on top of the 40 miles from the Symmes Creek trail head to the Onion Valley trailhead. I plan to lock the bike at Onion Valley, drive back down to Symmes and then hike straight through to Onion Valley trailhead via:
Symmes Creek
Tyndall Creek station
North on JMT/PCT
Hang a right at Charlotte lake
Over Kearsarge pass
End at Onion valley trailhead

Yes, I know this is a tough day hike, probably ~20 hours. I've done the Grand Canyon rim-rim-rim via Bright Angel both ways in 24 hours, about 49 miles. Just need the beta on bike lock potential at Onion valley, as I'd rather not have to lock the bike at Symmes and then ride uphill in Onion Valley.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Day hike Symmes Creek to Onion Valley - Bikes

Postby SPeacock » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:28 pm

Check with the Forest Service. There is a manager of the campground there that spends the summer in a trailer. They might have a phone. There are places to chain a bike to non movable objects (like a tree) that could be off from the campground away from casual eyes.

It is not much of a hike from the main road to Symmes Creek from the main road to Onion Valley...depending upon the time of day you plan to be there. Morning is up and evening is down - usually. Normally an easy and quick hitch. Especially if you can stash your pack so it is just you in the car with the other hikers. I'm guessing you will be going light enough to hold it on your lap.

The dirt/dust road to Symmes is fairly deep in pulverized dust in places. I'm hoping that is a mountain bike with a little flotation from the wider tires.

If me and trying to make time, I'd do the trip counter-clockwise. That is a good bit of uphill from Symmes to Shepherd Pass. You pick up almost 3000' starting from Onion. Great trip either way.

Good idea, the bike thing. hmmmm... Heck of a down hill. Would be a hoot on a skateboard or a luge.
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