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Seki Backpacking Trip Suggestions

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Seki Backpacking Trip Suggestions

Postby apbray » Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:55 pm


I just happened across this forum and have been getting a kick out of reading peoples stories and advice for trips in the Sierra backcountry. I'll be leaving soon on a trip in Seki, so I thought I'd see what advice you all had to offer. As per the trip request rules:

Group size: 3 young men in good shape.

What level of backpacking experience?
- Level 4: Comfortable with trail and/or XC travel. Two of us hiked the HST two summers ago.

What terrain are you comfortable with?
- Comfortable with on-trail and off-trail travel, up and down scree and bouldery slopes. River crossings are fine. Some of the party have limited snow experience, so the preference would be to not get into terrain where cramp-ons and ice axes are necessary.

What is your main interest?
- Big Mountain Scenery
- Lakes
- 8-10k ft elevation range

How many days/nights?
- Will be at the trailhead this Saturday, June 19th, plan to be on the trail 7 nights and return to the trailhead on the 26th.

How many miles/day?
- 10-15 on trail. Would like maybe two or three nights camped out at a lake that requires XC travel to access.

Prefer a loop or out and back?
- loop would be preferred.

Is there a particular area in the Sierra that you are most interested in?
- We've done a good deal of hiking out of Mineral King and in down in the lower Kern drainage, and then the HST more recently, so we'd like to take a look at the next region north - S. Kings Canyon area. Eastern start would probably be preferable for quick entry into the high country, but from what I've been reading, even Kearsarge will be snowy for some weeks yet. Initial thoughts were to make leave out of Roads End, and head up Paradise Valley, perhaps to the Rae Lakes area. Charlotte Lake looks to just now be losing it's blanket of snow, so does anyone have a sense of what Rae Lakes area will be like? The earliest that I've ever been in the high sierra is end of June in a normal snow year, so I'm not sure what to expect at those elevations in terms of weather, bugs, wildflowers, etc.

Another consideration is that, due to the iffy conditions this spring/summer, I didn't get a backcountry permit, so will be getting one at the trailhead. Does anyone have a sense of the likelihood of getting one on a Saturday at Roads End? Would it be better if we spent the day puttering around in the big trees and then departing on Sunday?

We're also open to the idea of greatly widening our search to include the rest of the Sierras or even the White Mountains next door. In a nutshell what we're looking for is a week of mixed full days of hiking on trails and days vegging by a lake off trail, preferably with little company, and preferably in that 8-10k ft sweet-spot altitude range. We're open minded though, and willing to roll the the punches thrown by this high snow, cool spring year.

I look forward to your advice!


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Re: Seki Backpacking Trip Suggestions

Postby maverick » Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:54 pm

Hi Apbray
Welcome to HST.
Since 8-10k elevation is your goal the eastern side is out, but the snow would be an
issue anyway.
Kings Canyon from the west you have the Seville/Lost Lakes area, Rae Lakes, and
Pear Lake area in Sequoia.
Rae Lakes will have snow, and you have Glen Pass which is 22 feet shy of 11000 ft.
The last I read Horse Corral Meadow was not open yet so getting to the Seville area is out.
As of 6/10 Pear Lake was still frozen, and Tablelands will be still snow covered at
over 10000 ft.
If you do not mind carrying some crampons, hiking poles, for Glen Pass, and possibly
snow covered grounds at Rae, than it would be a spectacular trip, otherwise wait till
July, it is just to early this year, especially if you want to avoid the snow.
Bugs are starting up slowly in some areas, but will really start up in 2-3 weeks.
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