Gorge of Despair?

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Re: Gorge of Despair?

Post by SSSdave » Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:14 pm

Shawn wrote:Mav (and others)- Thanks for the info.

The more I look at the area (via Google maps, etc.) the more it intrigues me. Initially I thought about simply hiking to Grizzly Lakes, then ascending Mt. Harrington and perhaps spending one full day exploring the "Gorge" then returning the via the same route.

Now the more I look I'm tempted to nix the Mt. Harrington ascent and just spend time exploring the areas near the lakes and an extra day on in the Gorge (and then again returning via the same route taken to get in).
Shawn why not add a couple more days or make a relaxing full week trip of it, really getting to know that worthy area well, basecamping it in real style. All you need to do is repeatedly look at the topo scrutinizing the subtleties of the area, playing with Google Earth, and I'll bet you'll soon find lots of interesting ways to spend your time.

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