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Lake Basin, 2 Days 'n a Wake UP.

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Lake Basin, 2 Days 'n a Wake UP.

Postby Take-a-Hike » Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:11 pm

Wife 'n I r off on our annual "marriage encounter" trial by nature trek on Friday w/a travel day Thursday to the lodge at Cedar Grove. Although you don't get a lot of acclimating at 5k feet, it sure is nice to have a 3 or 4 mile trip to the trailhead departure day after a nice meal and bed, etc., going in. Permit res reads a counter clockwise loop, going in Paradise Valley, (wife: I'm never going UP Copper Creek again"), and coming down CC 8 days later. But after a PM to Doyle Donohoe asking specifics and his reply about the choice of direction, ("You sure are a glutin for punishment going in that direction. I would hate going up from Marion Lake to Red Pass"), and a few other pointers about going clockwise, I showed that to the wife and she has relented now. YES! (me: I'm never coming DOWN Copper Creek trail again!") So, if I can get to the ranger station early enough Thursday afternoon my intent is to change the direction...and I might win one for a change. So, I'm feeling a bit giddy going in on the Roper route, maybe I'll have made trip plans that we can actually adhere to for once in my career (it's only been 5 years, but I've been a bit overzealous in the past), I"m hoping the weird weather of a week ago is a thing of the past, and in any event, as always I've got plenty of food and no pressing engagements to get back to, (work ?, what's that?), and except for the Copper Creek to Grouse Lake it's all new areas for us, so we should have fun.

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Re: Lake Basin, 2 Days 'n a Wake UP.

Postby maverick » Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:55 am

You'll be visiting some beautiful areas, enjoy and be safe!
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