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Help me plan - Tuolumne to Reds

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Re: Help me plan - Tuolumne to Reds

Postby SSSdave » Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:36 pm

Gee 5 days is barely enough time for me to base camp in one or two of those zones much less making a long trip out of it. Looping out of Agnew Meadows instead of TM would be much more efficient with both distance and amount of uphill vertical. Check the topo. Would recommend one early morning enjoying the east end of 1000 I lake because in early morning on days when it is calm, the reflection of the big peaks is undeniably one of the most scenic alpine spots not only in the Sierra but also planet Earth. But not after about 10am in the morning as the breeze comes up like clockwork and the whole scene is then increasingly dull and backlit. Ironically most trail backpackers and all day hikers and horsepeople see the lake between late morning and late afternoon when it is relatively boring. Although one might camp at the lightly used and quite pleasant west end of the lake and then day hike to the east end early in the morning, that would be an unpleasant 2 miles each way. If you were at Donahue Pass zone the first night, late in the afternoon you could get gregarious and join the predictably many trailside denizens camping north of the lake along the trail. Much better idea would be to camp at the tarns atop the divide north of the lake a bit off the trail. Nice views at sunset to the peaks southeast beyond Mammoth Mtn (ie Red Slate) and at dusk of the Earth shadow colors in 1000 I below. Then in the morning get up at dawn and hike down to the outlet, spend some time meandering about those shores including the stream section for 1/4 mile below the lake, and then later in the morning continue on to the west end of the lake or over to the Garnet area.

http://www.davidsenesac.com/Iceberg_Lak ... 11-06.html

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Re: Help me plan - Tuolumne to Reds

Postby calipidder » Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:53 pm

I just wanted to thank everyone again for the info. We just got back from a wonderful trip. We ended up keeping it pretty leisurely and had a blast - and it was a nice warmup for the HST which I leave for in a few days.

I'll post a trip report with photos later, but here it is in short:

Day 1 (Thurs): Dropped car in Mammoth and took YARTS to tuolumne. Hiked in Lyell Canyon and camped at the lower lake below the pass. Arrived just in time to pitch tent before short but violent hail storm. When storm cleared, took out the fishing pole and cast a few times - pulled out a couple of small brookies.

Day 2: Hiked to 1000 Island Lake rather quickly since storms were building all around us (yet a small patch of sun seemed to stay on us all day - quite nice!) Found a nice site and quickly set up in anticipation of the storms, but they never materialized above us. Enjoyed a nice afternoon of swimming, walking the entire north shore of the lake with my fishing pole, but not a single bite. :(

Day 3: Hiked to Shadow Creek and found a nice (legal) site below Ediza. Scrambled up the (wrong) route to Cabin Lake, fished (nothing), then found correct trail back to Shadow Creek which spit us out right at our campsite. Heh. Husband went up to Ediza with his fishing pole and came back with a brookie feast for dinner.

Day 4: After another successful fishing expedition to Ediza and brookie breakfast, we dayhiked the lakes and meadows around the area (Nydiver, Iceberg, etc). Really enjoyed Nydiver lakes - definitely plan to go back there sometime.

Day 5: Hit the trail early and exited at Agnew - was eating fish tacos at Whoa Nellie by noon.
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