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Suggestions for 4 night trip late July

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Suggestions for 4 night trip late July

Postby dmx » Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:50 am

Hi all,

My wife and I are planning a 4-night, 5-ish day trip the last week in July and would love your suggestions for the trip. We have some specific hopes for the trail which is why I'm posting here:

- We love "ridgy" trails with passes and big views from altitude. We hiked part of the high sierra trail a couple of years ago and loved how it clung to the mountain sides.
- We usually hike 10-14 miles/day using lightweight gear and could stretch this a bit
- We're fine with a bit of off-trail work, but if we need to rappel it's probably out of our league ;)
- We won't have a shuttle car, but love point-to-point trails if you can suggest how to get back from B-to-A at the end of the trip
- We've already covered a few trails in Yosemite, and we've hiked Rae Lakes, so I'm hoping you can suggest some new places for us to visit. (Suggestions in SEKI are aok with us!)

Some ideas we've been discussing:
- The area around the Minaretes
- Trinity Alps (for variety sake)
- Sections of the JMT that we haven't already visited

What do you guys think? Any suggestions for must-see trips?

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Re: Suggestions for 4 night trip late July

Postby maverick » Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:33 pm

This is easy since you have not been to the Minarets yet.
From Devil's Postpile hike to Minaret Lake for the 1st night.
Then hike to Cecile, Iceburg, and on to Ediza Lake for 2nd night.
Nydiver, Garnet, and on to Thousand Is Lakes for 3rd-4th night.
Climb Banner Peak from Catherine Lake(class 2) on your layover day.
Hike back to Devil's Postpile which will be long day so if you do not
want to have a layover than hike to Shadow, Rosalie or any other lake
to make the last day shorter.
Gorgeous lakes, mountain scenery and flowers that time of the year.

Northern Yosemite Loop (40 miles) out of Bridgeport-Twin Lakes, which has beautiful
Crown, Peeler, Smedburg, and Benson Lakes, lakes and flowers in the Seavey Pass area,
view down Matterhorn Canyon from Burro Pass, views of the Sawtooth Ridge and
Matterhorn Peak, pretty Kerrick Canyon.

North Lake to South Lake via Lamarck Col is a classic big mountain trip with
Lamarck Col, Darwin Canyon/Bench, Evolution Basin, Muir Hut, Dusy Basin areas
being some of the highlights of this outstanding trip.
You will have to hitch a ride from South to North Lake which is not usually a problem.
If this one interests you should add an extra day to cut back on the milage, and more
time to let the beauty soak in.
1st night at Lamarck Lake.
2nd night at Darwin Bench
3rd night in Evolution Basin(Sapphire Lake or Muir Hut)
4th night in Dusy Basin
Out to South Lake on the 5th day.
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Re: Suggestions for 4 night trip late July

Postby SSSdave » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:21 am

Big views Minarets? Will give you another suggestion though you won't be hiking with your packs on all day. Lots of time once making camp to enjoy each area. From Agnew Meadows hike the PCT early morning to Summit Lake, night 1. Much of the way is major views of the Ritter Range. Be sure to climb up due east of that lake to the plateau above as some amazingly colorful andesite volcanic geology in that area above Clark Lakes. Day two enjoy the great views toward the Ritter Range then in late morning do the easy hike to the outlet zone of Thousand Island Lake. Camp a bit up the JMT trail north of the lake that is maybe a couple hundred feet higher, where again you get major alpine views in all directions. Day 3 morning enjoy the big lake then late morning, instead of taking the trail, hike the easy cc around the west end of the lake across the easy saddle to the Garnet Lake basin and find a place to camp either at the big unnamed pond down below or along the north shores of Garnet. Day 4 continue around the south side of Garnet angling up towards where the JMT crosses the ridge into the Shadow Creek basin. Then easily find the trail and drop to the creek and take the junction west to Ediza Lake. Don't camp at the lake but rather at least a couple hundred feet above the lake to the west. Then on your last day hike down Shadow Creek back to Agnew.
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