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Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:37 pm
by maverick
A number of posters, especially newer folks requesting trip information, but neglect to give enough or any information about their level of experience and/or the kind of trip they are looking for.

It would make things easier and especially safer, if you would please supply us with the adequate information. This way our recommendations would be based on your abilities and experience, and not on uninformed guess work.

What level of backpacking experience do you have?
Level 1- Minimal hiking
Level 2- Some backpacking trips, using trails
Level 3- Numerous backpacking trips, some x-country travel
Level 4- Comfortable with trail and/or x-country travel

What terrain are you comfortable/uncomfortable with?
- Class 1 terrain/trail hiking
- Class 2 terrain/pass/x-country
- Class 3 terrain/pass/x-country
- River crossings
- Snow travel/Glacier crossings

What is your main interest?
- Lakes
- Forests
- Big Mountain scenery
- Photography
- Fishing
- Climbing

How many days/nights is your trip, not including travel to trailhead?

How many miles did you want to do a day, any layovers?

Have you hiked at elevation before? Any prior issues with Altitude Sickness?

Do you have a route logistics preference: loop, out and back, point to point (which may require 2 vehicles or hitchhiking)?

Is there a particular area in the Sierra that your most interested in (Yosemite, SEKI, western sierra start or eastern start ect.)?

Have you hiked in the Sierra Nevada before, if yes, where? Please list a few of your more difficult hikes, so we can then recommend routes based on your experience level.

Will you be hiking with a dog?

Please take the time to use the "search function" before requesting information, many different subjects and area's have already been discussed before.

Also, please start your own thread instead of piggybacking on an existing thread.This will avoid any unnecessary confusion that could happen if the OP believes that other members are posting suggestions to original thread, but they are really posting answers to the piggy-backers questions. This is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to trip requests, but should be really avoided in all cases.

Re: Before requesting trip info please read!

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:54 pm
And I'll add...PLEASE come back and POST A TRIP REPORT when you get back from your trip! We LOVE trip reports. Especially reports which include lots of fun details and lots of photos. :)